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  1. Given you and I both have made this species and in the past entries I made a confusiusornis similar. And someone else entered a Confusiusornis that is similar, a collector of the shiny things. I say the three of us combine our efforts. Your four votes and my five means C. moriorum has Nine already, throw in Confusiusornis and we get ten. What say you? As for the spawns, I'd say they'd more commonly be found with direwolves but also have a rarer chance of being on beaches, to reflect the real animal's coastal life... and I'd have them hate Ichthyornis and pegos and steal from them, karma for thieves XD.
  2. Chatham Raven or The Giant Raven Corvus moriorum Holocene period Diet: Omnivore temperament: Docile, cautious A shoulder pet with extra weight reduction for Metal, Obsidian, and Crystal and a lover of shiny things, it can be found flying near these resources, slowly pecking away at them to try and bring them to its nest. These nests can be raided similar to Beaver dams but this would make the normally docile birds go into a fit of "Hitchcock fury", rapidly pecking and mobbing players until they leave. Taming: To gain the trust of a Corvus, you need shiny things. Metal ingots are much more appealing to these birds than the normal raw metal they collect and so they will want to have it. Bring enough Metal ingots to them and they will trust you and may even give you resources back. Once you give it enough shiny things, it will follow you around and want food from you as well, feed it Mejoberries or Mutton and it will love you forever. Utility: Gather enough Corvids and they will gain the "Hitchcock fury" buff. They will believe your base to be their nest and protect it with their lives. They give bleed as they rush in and peck their enemies and the more crows tamed means the buff is stronger. If not defensive, they will leave for long periods of time only to return with full inventories of metal, crystal, and obsidian. If on a player's shoulder, these smart birds give you a crafting skill buff, allowing you to make better weapons and tools. Poster's note: Given the Viking theme and name of Ragnarok, a large raven felt like it fit the theme. Huginn and Muninn, the Raven duo of Odin here for Ragnarok and ready to guide you to Valhalla after the bosses are defeated.
  3. Confuciusornis sanctus Early cretaceous period of China prefers wet forest habitats omnivore favoring insects, seeds, and berries Both genders can serve as buffs, males when crowing can give a combat buff to players as well as their tames, considering them all as part of its flock while females give crafting skill buffs so you can bring higher quality weapons to fights. Both serving important purposes in raids or fights. another idea is that they can be honey guides, wild ones being find by beehives and tamed ones helping lead you and your dire bear to honey. They can likely be a compliment to the Sinomacrops in that they can be great harvesters of chitin, being tossed towards insect bodies like the fjordhawk towards body backs then fly back with a nice stack of chitin. Shoulder healer is something I have never seen in ark before. As long as its preferred food is in its inventory, it can slowly heal you over time. Taming would likely depend on what its function could be. if a honey guide than dropping sweet things like mejoberries and passively feeding it could work. If a healer then perhaps the more damaged you are the more it feels a need to tend to you so it tames faster.... if you just drained yourself to go tame bats then why not go for this guy too? Reverse of the bloodstalker and bat taming methods. I feel the forests of ark should have more small flyers in it to make the air feel more alive. The hawk and sino help with in this respective maps but I think we still need more. also Confuciusornis is about as iconic as Archeopteryx when concerning early birds. It would be a shame to not include it.
  4. Normal para did what tek could too. just you could breed them for scrap metal and element dust. Owls I mainly used for healing but their vision I see being an issue. Otherwise it is a Daeodon with cryotherapy healing and flies.
  5. What sort of DLC though? We got some free ones like Rag then we got paid like Scorch and co. Adding tek via DLC like that makes it sorta pay to win depending on what they do with DLCs. Also how do we go from Sci-fi people in space pods and a biome ring to unga bunga time? Did they preserve technicians, scientists, farmers, and builders... or a bunch of cave people? who were in those pods that went to the planet? Also Santiago is a brilliant mind that made the stryders and the mechs... why is he living like a tribal instead of making walkers or something to aid his people? I feel like they gotta explain why things are how they are before going full primitive and such. And before the people from my exploit topic come in here, I am not for tek, I personally stay mid tier with my pistol and metal tools. I'm just wondering why the story is going the way it has, we learn the arks are floating in space, element is tied to what happed, things get more and more technological as the story progresses then we got to ark 2 and it is back to spears and stone tools... what happened?
  6. I still want my issues addressed... this isn't just a bunch of people on a thatch raft going to a new island. We're on a new planet, we needed tek to get there. The remains of that tek will still be there and possibly used. We the player survived too and tamed things and utilized the exo-mek. Who is gonna abandon a harvest stryder for unga bunga stone hatchet? If you crash a plane do you use what is on the plane or do you go "Oh well, time to rip my cloths off and go find animal hide."
  7. Lore wise, how did we get to the planet ark two is on? What would we see? Stryders, Exo-suits, The vessels that brought us to the planet the ring that was the gen 2 map. I fail to see, story wise, how they would go from all that technology to "Unga bunga how can we possibly defeat these new Orc looking things?" especially Santiago given his tech genius, the inventor of the Mech and the stryders. unless everyone in those vessels are legit cavemen who can't comprehend the technology, there should be no excuse for why tek is excluded. At the very least like break down broken tek you find and makes metal tools out of it. Bring us to the gun tier if we can't go to tek. I don't even use tek outside of the Generator. I'm happy mid tier with my pistol and metal tools. If Ark two decides a society of the future will degrade back to hunting and gathering then what's the difference from ark 1 beach bobs? Better graphics? "Ah yeah spent 60 bucks to do the same exact thing as the last game but hey at least I look good doing it." We got a lot of potential in ark 2, don't squander it.
  8. I personally fail to see how this would make sense... That ring in Gen 2 landed on that planet along with all those ships bringing people and animals to the planet. Where's the ring? What happened to the ships? If some crashed why not salvage them? Tek dinos, Voidwyrms, Stryders, enforcers, meks. Why have all that coming with you but only use a hatchet? Do your best with what you have with you when you get on the planet rather than go straight on unga bunga. I get it, I don't mind the early stages either, I personally like that middle area where you aren't on tek easy street but you aren't running and screaming every time you log on. I'd appreciate getting to a point where we got cloth, hide, and metal tier armor and a nice pistol rather than just try and take a rex with a spear and some feather decorations. If they focus only on primitive without any updates to advance in tiers, I feel like Ark 2 would be a downgrade in play but an upgrade in visuals.
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