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  1. [DESCRIPTION] Manipulator Modificaputis is a predatory cockroach hailing from the late Cretaceous period. It has features similar to that of Mantises but also Cockroaches. And this is what we're leaning into today. The Manipulator in Ark's form hopes to be a versatile utility, support, or event combat mount if you are willing to put the work in any of the three! Having a range of simple to complex gimmicks that can either benefit you alone or help an entire team. Heavy inspiration here has of course been taken from pop culture and the idea of the undying roach, an idea this creature will embody the utmost while fitting the extinction setting. Consider it cliché but I think i have what it takes here to get you interested. [PHYSICAL LOOKS AND SPAWNS] My Interpretation While not showing color directly [for now maybe] the Manipulator is both what one could expect and also not so.In the wasteland, they are commonly found in dark greys, browns, blacks or even dark greens. Darker spots line most of their sharp spines along their back. The "hair" covering their legs and arms tends to be brighter than the rest of the body. Bust most important is it's element-infused form. Their abdomens glow with an element blue and are covered in dark shriveled veins as expected. Though in the wild their less controlled appetite may make it glow a soft purple at times as well. However what you may notice the most here is the extreme sexual dimorphism within both the females and males. The males of this species are more akin to that of modern cockroaches in size, all be it still on a larger scale. Females to males is a 1/20 difference that is easy to notice, as quite often females will have a controlled swarm around them [the males here would likely work as particle effects]. Think of this in a similar sense to ants or termites. All be it here the queen is much more mobile. The males while not an actual creature in the gameplay sense will come in handy when talking about later abilities. Now lastly given the adaptability of the Manipulator that we will discuss more in a moment, the manipulator can be found in nearly every environment within Extinction [outside the forbidden zone and sanctuary]. Because of this, the color of the Manipulator can vary from biome to biome. Rarely being found alone in the Snow Dome with a whiter coloration of greys, blues, and whites. Uncommonly found within the sunken forest in small groups with browns, greens, and rarely even more tropical colors like yellows and pinks. Last found somewhat still uncommonly in the desert dome they generally hold their more wasteland colors, but can also be found with more sandy colorations like golds and pale reds. [Moveset and Attacks] [Standard Form] Left Click: Downwards Swipe - An attack with a fairly high wind up [think like Yuty's bite]. This can intake health from enemies as fuel but it can also hit allies. If so you heal an instant amount of hp up to 75% of the target's max which is equal to 10% of the damage you would've dealt at the base. The base is reduced to 7% when flying but an additional 5% can be added to the base if the Manipulator as recently cleaned them of a debuff using the turret mod right click [5 seconds]. Right Click: Spit - An Arthropleura spit-like shot that is sent from the Manipulator's mouth taking up to 7% fuel at its base. This not fast nor is it slow but it doesn't burn through armor. However instead, you can use this to heal allies from a range. 50% of the spit's damage is otherwise converted to health for allies and hostile targets get a different set of effects. The target will be slowed minorly for 2 seconds. But they'll have visible blue smoke for all allies to see. Invisible for not. Allowing it to be more easily tracked for the next 30 seconds. Targets after this can't be effected again for the next 2 minutes and the ability itself can only be shot every 5 seconds. Ctrl: Supportive Form - Switches in between each mode. Takes about 4 seconds to enter this mode and taking any damage will cancel it. [Supportive Form (Turret mode)] Within the form, the effective movement becomes much more rounded out. While slowed by 20% the Manipulator can now turn on the spot much faster and is just as fast in all directions. However, they cannot sprint. Visually they'll have the abdomens farther turned up with their wings out slightly. Think of something like threat posture. Taking around roughly 5% of their total health over the span of 3 seconds the Manipulator will be thrown out of the supportive form for 7 seconds. Left Click: Dazed - As an emergency flash your wings to a target in a cone 12 meters in front of you to confuse them and disable their attacks for 8 seconds. Blinds them somewhat for 2 seconds as well. If they take physical damage while dazed, however, they will exit out of that state within 1 second after. They will then but immune to dazed for the next 2 minutes. Doesn't work on players themselves but all types of tames. Right Click: GO MY PRETTIES FLY AND FEAST! - Send out a swarm to an ally or a foe. Depending on how much swarm you have maxed out you can do multiple people at the max of 4 at once for allies and only a single enemy. Notably, both allies can enemies can be sicked on from a range of 75 meters as long as they are in sight. From there the swarm can stay on them for an additional 120-140 meters. -Allies: Allies will be momentarily swarmed for about 2-seconds minimum [Dodo], 5 seconds max [Giga], but travel time between the swarm and you can vary on distance so keep that in mind. To do this a rider must hover over them and right-click. At least 1 of 2 of their current removable debuffs will be shown when they look in their rough direction alongside health state. The following is what debuffs can be completely removed. And from there the creature will gain a 10-second immunity to them. -Frozen! -Intimidated. -Thornmail Poisoned. -Bees! [Accessing hives] -Bees! [If stung.] -Blood Cursed [Blood Wyvern] -Dizzy Spores -Fertile Spores -Freezing Spores -Enflamed -Scalded -Moth Poison -Poisoned -Tranquillized -Venom -Bola! -Bleeding [Kentro] -Bleeding [Carno] -Bleeding [Deinonychus] -Blood Drain [Sabertooth Salmon] List of debuffs that can be listened to duration to about 20% of their max and 5% of their max if it's a bleeding effect [if they're not already below it]. They will gain a 10-second immunity for the debuff if they do not get it again within 10 seconds. -Cocooned -Electrified -Electrocuted -Net stuns [Get halved it's current countdown] -Stunned! [For Enforcer, Mircoraptor, Bary, etc. Excluding King titan.] As explained before this is an easy way to get a lot of bio fuel for your Manipulator. At base, it would gain about 5% bio fuel per cure. This can be in theory spammed as long as you have the needed swarm. Likely almost like trading a bit with your swarm to bio fuel. The higher the drag weight the higher the cost of the swarm needing repair and harvest. Consider base values. 1% [Dodo], and 20% [Giga] very roughly for examples at each end. Enemies: Now against foes things are a bit more different. First, the cost for attacking foes with the swamps is always about double from a heal. 6% [Dodo] 60% [Giga]. There is good reason for this. Most important to it is the fact that all insect/bug-based creatures will do around 3x to the target and gain 30% armor from its attacks specifically. And outside of this hostile swarms can and will override passive swarms on there end from any possible Manipulators they have. This is useful if you wanna take a more offensive approach with a group of manipulators. This lasts about 10 seconds. The target creature after this will be immune to hostile swarms for about 4 minutes. Optional: If you wish to rid yourself of a hostile swarm, or the ones your allies are using to themselves more alive. Pack a Volanosaur. A special chemical in their spines seems somewhat nullifying to a Manipulator's swarm. An enemy Volanosaur may clear an allies support swarm by hitting them enough with their turret form and clearing their allies of hostile swarms using their spin attack. Volanosaurs should obviously with this in mind be immune to negative swarms. Right Click [Hold]: Save your soul - The final ability held by the Manipulator is to gift it's undying nature to another allied time. Alongside 2 debuffs a player riding a Manipulator can see the rough health of the target [like a dire wolf]. And if they hold down right-click on the allied target [if their below 25% hp] something interesting happens. Taking rough base stats into mind. The Manipulator will exit the supportive form and dash to the target. hovering near or above them if there's space. An effect will happen depending on their current health. A single ally can only have save your soul used on them once every 15 minutes per manipulator. 25% hp [Ally would be a light red] - Both the Manipulator gain invincibility for 4 seconds. Target will gain a burst of healing similar to that of the argent corpse buff. For the 4 seconds both the allied target and the manipulator will not be able to attack but will have their stam drain halted completely and gain 20% speed. Jump and climb abilities should all function. This process for a base-level Manipulator will take about 80% bio fuel. This amount of time during invincibility and buffs alongside it will vary to how low the target is from 25% hp Notes: The base effect to show invincibility would either but a bright see-through white over the dinos in question or possibly a slight wavy rainbow pattern. A shining green particle could also be a bit more thematic than them both given the wasteland roach idea. Lastly, like before. These can and will ignore the invincibility for balance. -Turrets of any kind. Tek, Heavy, Normal, Raw damage from Plant Species X and Velona's. -Natural hazards like lava pits or anything of that sort that could damage the saved dinosaur. Element liquids are the exception here. Ctrl: Standard Form - Go back into standard form. 10 second cooldown.| [Passive Gimmicks, Stats And Effects] Now why tame this fellow? Well let's start off with what it has at its base then move on to the more complex stuff + abilities. First off rough base stats. By all means, make up what you think is most balanced. Health - 350 Stamina - 600 Oxygen/Bio Meter - 300 Food/Swarm - 2000 [ Weight - 400 Melee - 450 with long windups Speed - [Non because flyer. Slightly faster than Deinon when on the ground.] Torpidity - 10000 [can't be knocked out] Diet - Carnivorous. Feed can be species under certain circumstances. [Through all environments] The Manipulator is a creature that is immune to nearly all kinds of debuffs. Fire? Poisons? Radiation? Freeze? Nothing will stop you in your tracks. It's inner biology making it completely Immune to the toxins that could whittle it down or knock it out. Even the blinds and slows of plant species x and Dilos have little effect. Its hardy shell also makes gashes hard to do if not generally impossible, the same goes for catching it aflame. Its inner element abdomen keeps it well heated and prevents it from freezing solid. It can't even be normally stunned by electronics. All these [outside of radiation] are inherited to the rider currently on it. And while this may not be your full-on go-to for keeping warm or cold at least you can't completely freeze or catch aflame! Be careful for grabs and Yuty's however! [Effective Movement] Allows the Manipulator to slow move in any direction in whatever direction it's facing. Like Gigantopithecus. And like them they will also automatically turn on the spot to where your facing. [The Hoard Within Numbers] While all-female Manipulators all have little swarms of their own, there's nothing stopping them from building even larger numbers with other females. To a max of 6 Manipulators, they will gain a unique pack bonus based on speed. There is no pack leader this is just a benefit for all equally. Each member up to 6 max given 5% extra speed and a 5% stamina recovery. This speed will not affect flight. [Clumsy Flight] Also fairly explanatory but a bit unique in this case. Its flight is almost a mix of that of common flight and gasbag floating. How? Well, momentum. Manipulators are very fast flyers but they lack good control. This means if you wanna make a sharp turn you need to pull back for a second in case you were going too quickly. Think something akin to controlling a helicopter almost. This could also lead to you slamming into things as long as you were at high speed. Something that won't hurt much but may leave you stunned mid-air for a moment. This can also be used comedically against creatures for heavy or next to no knockback depending on creature size. Know that neither party will like this. [Built To Swarm] The smaller males that circle around the female are not in boundless amounts. Next to your Hotbar to its right should be a meter that shows the amount of swarm at your disposal. Leveling up food increases the swarm maximum. Think of the swarm as a simple ammo for specific attacks that you'll find out in a bit. The Swarm is tied to your hunger by a lot and if you run out of hunger then you'll take more damage than you might otherwise expect. So keep them fed. There are ways to make this easy. In ways to fill hunger while not taking in a huge swarm and also in ways to do the opposite in order to have room to call in more. Tributes. Using cakes and even cooked meals will fill your Manipulator much more than usual, while not calling in more troops in mass. However, you can also devour tributes to do the opposite. Not very filling but calling in the masses for more work. Note this can lead to your Manipulator not wanting to eat for a small duration roughly around that of 10-20 seconds. This ranges slightly from simpler tributes like Yuty lungs [30% swarm regen] to things like an alpha tyrannosaur tooth [60% swarm regen]. Raw prime and mutton meats should work as a weak line between these two sides. And what if not able to rely on any of this? Well, try to stay out of direct combat as any recent notable damage will slow the natural swarm regen rate heavily [30 seconds between damage and normal healing]. Although while not slow this should be relied on heavily. [Bio Meter] This is the last inbuilt gimmick in regards to Manipulator and is likely the most important overall. Thought things were already complex? Get ready because this is where things get real. The Bio Meter is separate from the swarm meter and is found to the left of the hot bar. It is the main source for how Manipulator may heal and control its battlefield in both ways helpful to its teammates and against its enemies. There are multiple ways to boost this bar. Damage: Each left click of a Manipulator against the target will leach the damaged health into the bio meter. This scales to about 10% of the damage done for each physical hit. Food: Eating meals can with time bring up the meter to a max of 10% using this source alone. Eating tributes is a large boost to this. Draining Debuffs: In a move set that we will get to see later, the Manipulator can enter a turret mode and send its swarm onto a target. If it's an ally then it can clear the ally of one debuff and give it immunity for a time. Like fire or poison. Or at least lower the cooldown to make escape easier for certain effects. This gives a huge chunk of bio fuel when done successfully. Swarming A Victim: Opposite of targeting an ally but targeting an enemy. While this does more debuffs a large potential portion of damage done to that single enemy will be converted to bio meter fuel. Element Damage: In a 32-meter range around it's turret form a portion of damage dealt from element or corrupted creature sources will be turned into bio meter fuel. In regards to abilities, they all use a certain amount of bio fuel that is hard to calculate with a % as the max can be leveled. However, if you do not intend to use this much for others you should keep it low in maximum bio fuel as hitting a certain percentage no matter the cap will have some benefits for you alone. At around 25% fuel the Manipulator will take 95% of all damage from all sources. At 50% fuel, you'll only take 90% of all damage. At 75% fuel, the Manipulator going to take 80% damage from all sources. And as expected the manipulator will only take 75% damage from all sources when at 95% fuel or above. Now if you are at 99% or above and when the Manipulator your riding dies, the Manipulator will revive entirely with 10% hp and be immune to all damage for 4 seconds. This will also pause stam drain during those seconds but you'll be also left with only 50% stam after. This will utterly drain your Manipulator of all it's fuel and you won't be able to gain any for the coming 2 minutes after. Optional?: The only thing to add to this is the swarm amount at a fake death. If at percentages higher then 50% then all nearby enemy creatures in a 12 meter radius may also be swarmed for 4 seconds. Gives them a bit more use. Note: The following will completely ignore the Bio Fuel armor and invulnerability. -Turrets of any kind. Tek, Heavy, Normal, Raw damage from Plant Species X and Velona's. -Natural hazards like lava pits or anything of that sort that could damage the Manipulator. Element liquid are the exception here. Note 2: Taking too much damage from anything too quickly may cause you to lose 5% of your fuel in an instant. Velonasaurs are also the only natural damage sources that can take away bio fuel as they damage you to high extremes. Working as a tough counter and a natural predator to the sort. Optional: These could also do the same as balance. -Shadowmanes -Rhyniognatha -Bleeders like Thylacoleo and Deinonychus with pure damage to the fuel. Maybe this will balance out the fact it cannot bleed in this case. If it's needed. [Taming Process] Taming a Manipulator is a complicated affair as they are rather skittish at the base, are immune to narcotics, and will not take kindly to you hurting them. First, it is best recommended to use bug repellent. While this isn't completely foolproof as it is with other bugs and insects it will still work enough to where it won't try to fly away. From there approach the Manipulator where it will ask for a certain element material. This are more often then not large amounts of simler materials like element dusk or on a lesser level sharps. The amount or resource rarity will slightly scale with level and they can only be fed at around level 40 [saddle at around 40 as well]. From here the Manipulator will gain interest with you and will begin to follow you or the tame your riding like a speedy Fjordhawk. From here you wanna go on. a. RAMPAGE. Killing a slaying anything in your especially if it is any of the following: -A Small Corrupted Creature [Decent. Better than each of there non corrupted counterparts] -A Large Corrupted Creature [Great!] -A Corrupted Giga, Wyvern or Reaper [Incredible! If you dare] -Any sort of mutated/altered creature like Manas, Velano's, Gasbags, or even off-map stuff like Shadowmanes [Great!] Note that during this the Manipulator will be immune to the attacks of your tames [outside of friendly fire ones] and will try to fly high above all combat. Each time a corrupted creature dies, or a non corrupted creature at least above that in size of a raptor in terms of drag weight. Like a Fjordhawk the Manipulator will fly down to eat corpse. MAKE SURE IT DOESN'T GET HIT. This is easy said then done but a Manipulator will always take a couple of seconds to actually land into a vulnerable spot. Getting hit or taking to much damage is a way to lose taming effectiveness. Note that there is a minimum kill count while it fallows you. Eventually the Manipulator will land and you'll need to repeat step one again to gain it's interest once more. However it may leave entirely and cancel the process. This is done if a minimum kill requirement hasn't been met. To check this have a look at your tames manager. As expected there will be a taming bar that goes up as it feeds. However the torpor bar will be replaced with a minimum satisfaction bar. A buff to you will also show a timer till it loses interest and stops fallowing you. With this in mind you can keep a keen eye on the entire process. So go as wild as you need and as careful as you need. [Breeding] Breeding Manipulators is an odd affair but doesn't require a male or female as a single one is technically both at once. Simply set the Manipulator to breed and given some time they'll produce a unique egg called a Oothecae. These will stay attached to a Manipulator until it eventually hatches. So you'll need to keep the place warm around Manipulator. When the egg is ready to hatch pick it up. At this stage, it will be similar to how dodo's are grabbed and picked up. From there find a corpse at least about the size of a Carno [drag weight of that and above] and press E on it. From there a swarm of Nymphs will dig in. You'll have to feed the now preserved festering corpse with specific element or corrupt resources. Element, Corrupted chunks, Element Dust, Corrupted hearts for imprinting. Scaling on rarity with how close it is to the max level of the server. When this is done, the body will vanish and the developed miniature version [or versions as multiple can come out] of the Manipulator will emerge. From here they only need to be fed normally and protected like most other babies. The host they resided within will technically be there "other parent" when it comes to stats. [Final Thoughts And Reasoning] The manipulator is an extremely complex beast to tame and master. In a lot of ways, it is meant to be a hardy mount but not entirely in ways standard to that of most ark creatures. A mount that can both be focused on being good alone as a solo mount for your own use but it could also be one that could be invaluable in pvp/pve healing. But only one or the other really. As you can see here with extinction in mind it's built in a way to have the most effectiveness or build up against tek/corruption. Though I've tried to still make it useful outside of that regard. And of course, a lot of this is inspired by the idea of roaches surviving well within post-apocalyptic scenarios. Hence the whole "undying roach" theme. So did I overcook? Should I have gone into the name more? Did I go to far or are some things to little? I have no heavy experience in pvp nor the heaviest in pve I must admit. Plus despite all this, this idea was thought of early yesterday so to say things might a bit rough wasn't be a surprise. HOWEVER, if you did like this idea give it a vote! And even more so if you did... Give me your feedback!!! Though you don't haft to! I really do think this idea could go quite far and while making this was tiresome it has been quite fun. I think it can add a lot of value as an interesting healer and or off brand travel mount. Anyone is more then welcome to make there own suggestions for this creature, ideas or whatever else. I am simply just a person with my own idea but I would love imput to make this the best possible. And if so I'll likely come back to this to update more and more as the update does. Outside of likely some better structuring. In either case fellas Thanks for reading this lovely mess! To do: -Likely tweak out the messy percentages of the Manipulator for both swarms and bio fuel. -Automatic Turret Mode????? Change log: -Removed protective wing shell. Not very fitting. Larger free wings looks cooler. ---- -Somewhat revamped the taming process to be more clear and overall more well rounded then before. -Nerfed hostile swarm attack a bit. ---- -Revamped the structuring of the page.
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