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  1. Realistically speaking Edmontosaurus is around, slightly under or above depending on where you ask, the size of a Tyrannosaur. And since I'd rather use ARKs setting to spice it up a bit it's been put up to equal Rex in size when standing on 2 legs alongside some more defense-oriented adaptations. It's also focused on being a proper beast of burden, however I wanted to make it not just another carnivore-fodder hadrosaur at the same time. The base weight is quite solid and while equipping the cart saddle it's expanded even further to carry even larger quantities. Quad stance gives slower movement speed in return for lower stamina use while biped gives higher speed in return for higher stamina cost. I specifically wanted to avoid giving it a front leg stomp as well since I just find it silly when hadrosaurs put their full weight onto their spaghetti looking front legs, so I opted to give it more of a punch instead. It excels at keeping animals off of it by using light CC however it can also deal some devastating blows and put you into a precarious situation if you get hit with the tail slam.
  2. The actual suggestion details are in the document below, anything on this page is just for the sake of clearing up some things I forgot to specifically mention within the document. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1__VgClzrm8raQAOgEYTz846bzKwIQao-HYB6ffC2jIU/edit?usp=sharing Just a suggestion I for an animal I personally like. Just for clarification, Edmontosaurus would be able to look a Rex in the eyes as well as it being overall heavy-built. This results in it being a bit slower than a Rex however its stamina usage allows it to very easily make an escape so long as you're aware of threats around you. Equipped with a titanic tail, armored front arms, and weight that allows it to give an excellent fight even in the face of the major Tyrants it makes it a versatile tame for both PvE and PvP. The cart saddle is able to be modified to equip siege weaponry or alternatively specializing the saddle in carrying capacity to haul large loads of resources across the land. There is not a carriage included simply because I didn't wish to completely erase Diplos' sole reason....so y'know.
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