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  1. That is actually entirely what I had in mind! I just didn't write it down in my 5am scramble to get my thoughts somewhere lol Yeah I feel like it could be pretty annoying but I also feel like it can survive just fine on say, basic kibble. You just won't get stuff from the better drop pools without top tier kibble. So you feed it basic kibble when you have it around base and you feed it extraordinary kibble while traveling around with it and farming for drops. You'd probably be leveling weight any food on it anyway so it can hold heavier objects from drops and so that it can go longer w
  2. I would also like to link this fan-written dossier for Yi Qi by @Solitak from years ago on these forums that I found. It has an entirely different idea than the one I have proposed. Their idea is quite similar to a pegomastax and I believe that particular thread predates the pego being added to ark as well.
  3. [Wikipedia entry] [Sketches done by me to show size and general vibe] None of the additional creatures to come with the mod maps have been shoulder mounts. As an avid lover of shoulder mounts I want to fix this. Basic ideas I have for it is to be a shoulder mount that acts as a supply drop of sorts. This thing has an eye for shiny objects and depending on how well you feed it, imprint level, and a companionship level that rises the more you keep it on your shoulder, the better quality loot it will occasionally find. Basically somewhere in between a gacha and the pokemo
  4. This is definitely a cool dino to suggest! I like the ideas presented above but had a kernel of an idea in my head for a mechanic with its namesake being its large hands. Maybe similar to a karkinos, it can pick things up and smash things but with a unique twist. Instead of just survivors and dinosaurs thought perhaps it can pick up small boulders and use it as a weapon or toss it like a rock golem. You could go into its inventory and equip things for it to smash with or toss such as jar of pitch or a canon ball.
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