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  1. Done mine yesterday: Desert Titan done with the Mek, shooting all we can (We are 2ppl). Forest Titan was melted by 38 Giga 36kHealth 2kMight... rly too much Giga, but we where hyped... i think 10 should be enough. Ice Titan Melted with 2 giga, we where under his foot biting like hell. Got it on Video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jegFc0eyQNg&t=48s) and used it to report a bug... we didn't get the hologram...
  2. So you are telling me that if this was a 100 reply Thread you would have been the first to read them all before replying without imagining that OP, discovering such an useful information, was not able to modify the Main Topic to say: "Hey survivors, apparently it's only on PC the problem"?
  3. There's a thing called Thread Topic writed in the title, that MUST be concise and clarifying. If OP does not wrote it correctly it's not my fault, the title stated "Egg incubator cannot produce twins or triplets" and that's fake. I don't have to read the whole topic for you because OP does not use a proper etiquette on a public forum. And you'll probably give me another asshole answer, a bit like this one you just gave.
  4. Fake, you can produce twin and triplets. I have incubator on The Island, got twins rexes yesterday. And that was not the first time, during the 3x event with my tribemate it was always a "Pls god, don't give me twins or triplets, one is enough". I play on Offy. Platform: PS5.
  5. If it was their tame I don't see any problem, if it's something you put your hark work in, that's shamefull
  6. And where you can see the trade forum? Why it is not un the section? :(
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