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  1. Yep star dolphin mission impossible to do on ps4, programmer should be fired for such a screw up, WC should remove it from the list to be able to do gamma, beta or Alpha Rockwell as currently impossible due to this mission.
  2. I hope this is true as it's happened again, but in a different location, I will try tracking my last movements to see if I can find it. The problems is I had been runing drops for 30 to 40 mins.
  3. Miracle happens on Ark server update happened I went to check location where skiff disappeared, nothing there I fly back to base and what's hovering above base, yep my skiff. DILO. I would suspect my tribe mates but non have been on. Would an Ark dev respond so quickly? Who cares, after years of playing and losing stuff today Ark gave back. Yay.
  4. Jumped of skiff to get a drop went to get back on and skiff was gone, search area no sign of it. Anyone else had this happen while on gen2? Or is it another Ark wonder? Can WC find it? I put in ticket with location. Has gen2 a teleport location where when your dinos or skiff disappear they are sent to this magical place. :).
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