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  1. Thank you for such a quick reply! I’m playing on the ragnorak map, which, I’m happy to hear they can spawn fairly frequently. As long as it doesn’t follow the “spawn once gone forever” rule, I’ll be more than happy to camp out and hope for the best in finding one. Thank you
  2. So I just recently bought Ark to play with some friends, and so far it’s been great! However, recently as I was traveling to an area for rock carrots, I accidentally stumbled across a unicorn in a field. You could imagine my surprise, as I immediately hopped down to try and take it. Keep in mind.. up to this point I didn’t have a single IDEA on how to take one, but my love for unicorns drove me to at least attempt it. Plus, it’s part of the main reasons I got the game in the first place. long story short, my dream of obtaining one fell short when a T-Rex foiled
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