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  1. We need official xbox only small tribes servers to not run into cheaters. Please
  2. I think the sad truth is that they will put minimum ressources into the remaining servers and eventually shut them down completly. I think a fresh start from all the laggy official server would be actually good but you should atleast keep a title or something for your gained achievements.
  3. Can we get Xbox only smalltribes servers? The playerbase would love it and many PC players will buy a Xbox series S to play ark without cheaters and ini data users. 250€ and you can enjoy it.
  4. Hey thanks for your honest statements guys. @Pipinghot and @DirkInSA i agree on most of the stuff you said. I guess I just don't meet the requirements to play PvP properly , even though I enjoy these Ark pvp vibes. I don't have a tribe right now, I don't want to spend to much time on it and PC servers are full of cheaters and i don't want to buy breed dinos. I once was in a tribe with a few Russians on smalltribes we claimed basilospot in a few hours and we were there for a few months . How did we survive there? They bought breedlines from ark discord shops for real money. 100 Lvl 450 carbonemys blocking the entrance and same level tusks in the backline with a juicy turret wall. I don't think we could have withstand the attackers without those dinos... I still think there should be some catch-up mechanics be involved to make the servers populated again. When they would release Xbox only smalltribes servers , that would be the dream. I would really "no life" it then haha
  5. But that's the thing that bothers me. When someone can buy something in the game that takes you 2 years or so can just buy it. Something is wrong. It feels like a waste of time breeding dinos from the start...but that's something I really enjoy in Ark. I want to breed my dinos and say "yes that was me, i breed that from taming the dino to lvl 450 " . It's something that you can be proud of because you did it yourself. Then a random dude comes around the corner starts the games goes to ark trading and buys the same lvl dino . Nice 👍...
  6. Yeah so if I have godlike aim I can go in the game and take the throne of the alpha tribe? Wait give me 15min. I just need aim... You get my point here? It's a survival game without no life and a full tribe you can't do poop against players that are online 24/7 with a lot of people in there tribe...
  7. Yeah thats pretty difficult to prevent. Maybe someone will come up with an idea.
  8. 1) 1 month was an example but the game should also be pointed towards people that have a life...limitations are good. 2) what you mean with ability? Its not like CS:GO where your aim carries you. If you try to fight a tribe with a slingshot and your aim is godlike, you still wont be able to kill them, just because they have 300% shotguns, tek rifles, Meks, lvl 450-500 dinos etc. 3) I know they get taken down but by other alpha tribes, thats the thing that bothers me.
  9. Yeah agree on that for sure. Thats true, the only game i know that prevented it completly was Black Desert Online, you cannot trade in this mmorpg, you cannot buy anything in the game , because you can only trade via the marketplace and the prices are defined by the game itself. Pretty good tbh.
  10. I dont say 10min of effort, but if you play like 3 months or so , you should be able to do something against them...
  11. Small limitations yes. But you cannot compare WoW to a survival game. In WoW you reach endgear sooner or later in about 1 month per expansion max. Next expansion your gear is worth nothing. Thats the thing. But in ARK you can still have your giga base in 1 year and no new player can touch it. Thats the problem.
  12. I get what you mean. Players that are alphas for years now because they invested so much time into the game should stay Alphas. The problem here are dead ass servers. Who can compete against the Alphas? Other Alphas right. Newer players will not join or be wiped in the next week. I don't mind if players investing a lot of time but still they should be able to be raidable by a tribe that also played for a month or so. Every official server now has like 0-5 players on a server, meanwhile fresh Arkpocalypse servers are full. What's the point on playing on a server where you just spend 99% of your time doing PvE . Imagine servers where people cannot build 1000 km2 and other players will finally think "let's kick the alpha from the throne" . Only because you are alpha doesn't mean you can stay forever alpha. This whole concept needs a rework. Skill > Time Investment
  13. Hey folks, I don't know how anyone could think that it would be a good idea to be able to trade stuff in ARK pvp. The problem is anyone who pays a bit of real money will buy dinos/mats/structures and yes even complete bases. It's so bad imo. Any new player can buy a lvl 400+ dino in an instant and meanwhile the one who doesn't p2w the game needs 2 years to breed it . I also thinks dinos that were stolen from raiding should not be breedable but usable, to prevent the spreading of dino lines across servers. Ark small tribes is nice but I still think tribes need hard limitations to prevent them from over building so other people can catch up. We don't need turret walls with 1000 turrets or so. Set a decent structure limit that's not like 5000 or so but maybe 1000 I don't know. Also "alphas" should be raidable from someone that needs to go to work and cannot play 24/7. Without limitations you make a favor for the non lifers that WILL build as much as they can because like I said: without limitations they won't stop. What do you guys think About this? Best regards
  14. Hey there, The PC servers are flooded with cheaters. Even though we have Xbox smalltribes server , these servers are not Xbox only but Crossplay where windows players can join aswell. I think the only way to dodge the cheaters is playing on console but the only option for PVP players is Arkpocalypse or Official. I enjoy the smalltribes servers but when you know you face cheaters , you rather play something else. P.S.: another issue I see is trading with real money. I understand that people enjoy trading dinos but I think this should only be allowed in PvE I don't know if there is a way to prevent that but if there would be one they should do it. Sorry, but buying lvl 450+ dinos with realmoney is just not fair and p2w also that you can buy every other ingame stuff is stupid. I think if a tribe tamed / bred a dino only the tribe should be able to make use of it or at least make them neutered if they are in the hands of someone else, this way it could prevent an overflowing market with lvl 450+ dinos. Another thing is that they should increase the mutation probability aswell as the points that go into a specific stat. Furthermore they need to increase the breeding speed. If these points will not be changed no newer people will join the ark official pvp servers. The only people that join are the ones that think they could catch up and start breeding their own dinos in a fair way or the ones that just buy dinos from various sellers and support these traders that go against the TnC of Wildcard Studios. We need some sort of catchup mechanic to attract newer players so the servers will be alive again. To the ones that find it unfair because they breeded so long and now new players can do that more easily . I just remind you how tedious it was to farm metal back in the day , now we have stryders. Also it will be way more fun if servers are more active cheers.
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