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  1. Exacly, how can the studio keep putting money into other games and content while theri flagship product is in this state. ARK is special and there is nothing liek it as far as I know which is why I put so much time into it, but eventually that isn't enough to justify burnign my money and time. And I feel bad for the devs that obviously give everything to this game and the many talented mod creators and artists and so on, but if Wildcard doesn't put in the effort to take this out of "early access" there is no point.
  2. You already won, you have my money that I paid for all of your DLC and expansions, so trully you have no reason to care, but if anyone at the development office cares about this game please listen. I have around 1000 hours into this game. I have played for so long, and have tried to enjoy it, I really really tried to enjoy this game, because it is a beautiful game with so much to offer an that possibility has kept me playing so long, but it is a broken game that can not continue as it is. The game itself is made to be frustrating, the grind, the creatures made for no purpose but to make you lo
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