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    oh thats a shame, when will they be re-added?
  2. TheEpicGamer1997


    cool if u go in this with a dino will it get stuck and drown in it or something ?
  3. do we get compensation for all these annoying delays, I want all those Bionic costumes for free or something
  4. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CvAwvi7UIAAjLMI.jpg Dam looks like someone figured it out i don't know how they did but there it is
  5. people help me figure out the translation of the tablet, its so confusing some of the symbols i can't even find on the internet I've only managed to get one word from it "Dummy" lol but nothing else makes sense
  6. "and scorching hot gameplay" hmmmm i wonder what it could be.......... Desert Biome YAY
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