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  1. Latest patches finally fixed this issue for me
  2. Right, so did some more testing and dx10 option runs the game, so it seems its a dx12 issue with 3xxx series cards
  3. yip, as in my OP redid the entire PC with fresh windows and all fresh updated drivers. nothing changed except the recent patch by wild card - VPN shouldnt be needed, should purely be a fix on wildcard side EDIT Unfortunately todays patch did not solve the issue. Rolling back Nvidia drivers also didnt work. Took PC to friend and still didnt work (to confirm its not internet related)
  4. Since 2 days ago i cant play ark. It crashes within minutes of launching the game, single player, MP doesnt matter. Reinstalled windows, steam, ark, unsubbed from all mods, DLC's doesnt matter.
  5. Came here to state im getting the same error now, since yesterday. Have done fresh install of windows, of ark and of steam all to have the same issue. Network also optimized and internet connection is strong.
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