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  1. I would have thought they should work similar to Ovis with a Slaughter/ Harvest option in the radial menu.
  2. I currently have friendly fire turned off on my PC (steam) servers. We cannot harvest meat from the Species R plants. Is the only way to harvest them by enabling friendly fire?
  3. This bug still exists both in singleplayer and on my servers. I am on Steam PC. My Client version is 331.17 and server 331.19. The latest patch notes for Current Version: v331.19 - 06/26/2021 state "Fixed a case where cryopods were being destroyed when releasing cryopoded-creatures ". This does not to appear to have fixed the issue where releasing a Unicorn from a cryopod would destroy the cryopod!
  4. It looks like the latest patch 329.51 fixes this. My Void Wyrm no longer causes me to disconnect!
  5. The Void Wyrm breath causes players to disconnect on both of my Nitrado PC Steam/Epic Servers. Server version 329.45 and the maps are Ragnarok and Genesis 2. Tamed Void Wyrm's breath animation plays when a player mounts it and disconnects them if they try to trigger its breath attack.
  6. The void wyrm breath causes players on both of my Nitrado PC Steam/ Epic Servers running Genesis 2 and Ragnarok both on server version 329.45. In singleplayer there seems to be no issue with the void wyrm at all though. Is this just an issue when playing on a dedicated server?
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