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  1. On my singleplayer world, I did the beta Team Downriver Run mission yesterday. Upon completion, I realised that it had wiped the world effects from previously completed missions, replacing them with the card that shows the canoe skin and the +1 highlighted blue for beta completion. This disappeared after completing another mission, however it did not bring back previous world effects. Fortunately, I had to wait 10 hours to lose the Baby Boon effect to get imprinting back to normal, which this helped with, and the other effects were mainly from easy race missions.
  2. I've got this issue - didn't realise it was to do with the Baby Boon effect!
  3. I've got this issue too - I'm exclusively singleplayer so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it, since I recall seeing a video of a guy on Xbox who did one of them seemingly on a server.
  4. I'm singleplayer on Xbox, and I've had the Mutagel-giving asteroids only once or twice, really early game when I didn't particularly understand the asteroids system. Since then, I've not had any (that I've noticed, I've been in missions for long periods of time before) more Mutagel asteroids. It's getting quite annoying as I only have a supply of 105 and would quite like to make some Mutagen without having to risk Rockwell's Innards yet. Has anyone else had this issue? Is it a bug that I should report?
  5. Thank you, I'll certainly try that!
  6. Ah thank you! What does it do differently?
  7. Yeah, I've been having to leave the game to save. It's more of a convenience to use the command - I initially started using it on Extinction so that I could save without losing OSDs, and just to save time in general. Glad to hear it's not just me having this issue!
  8. Unsure if this is true but I've heard that some missions are temporarily disabled on Xbox for bug fixes. Must have been unplayable - hopefully they'll be back soon.
  9. As someone who only plays single player, I often use the "saveworld" admin command to make sure that I don't lose tons of progress in the event of a crash. Recently, and I haven't tested this on other maps, on Genesis Part II this command has actually started to make the game crash itself, causing lost progress. This happened yesterday and it must have autosaved in the middle of a mission or something because I loaded the world back up and had to respawn, having lost all of my good gear that I had got.
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