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  1. First off, i play on xbox series X. Just to get that out of the way. I like to plug in a Key board and mouse into my xbox but for some reason its not giving me tool tips when i use KBM. its a very minor issue but can be annoying switching from controller to kbm while trying to craft stuff. Is there a fix or is this just a bug? Secondly, Gen 2 is crashing constantly. I stopped playing a week and a half ago out of frustration as after half an hour to an hour the game crashes. I play single player while all this is happening. The other day somebody gave me the tip to use command 'stat fps' and it
  2. I play on Xbox series x. I have the same issue and the exact same thing happened to me. If you do an admin command and put ‘stat FPS’ it will show you GPU load. Mine was at 99% and I think that’s what’s making me crash. I hope someone finds a way to fix this cause I was so excited for this map and the crashes ruined it for me. I don’t play anymore and just started playing other games. If I find a way to fix this I would start playing again.
  3. I play on Xbox series x and genesis pt 2 keeps crashing my game. I used to play rag fo hours and no crashes but genesis isn’t working now. After not very long of playing my game will crash and set me back 5-20 minutes before the crash, in single player btw as a heads up. The other day I died, pressed respawn then the game crashed. Out of rage I stopped playing for that day but the next day when I logged back on and I wasn’t respawned or set back to where I was still alive. It didn’t show me where I died so my stuff was basically gone for good. I used creative and admin commands to give myself
  4. I play on Xbox Series X on a single player world but for some unknown reason genesis keeps making ark crash after a bit of playing. It’s annoying because it sets me back 5-20 minutes prior to the crash. It’s making me not want to play this map. I tried to fight through it by exiting every once in a while but then I died, respawned, the game crashed, came back a few hours later but instead of of just loading in 15 minutes before I died it made me restart, it didn’t show where I died just the spawn map. I respawned found my flyer went back, and my good loot was all gone. Wild Card please tell me
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