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  1. Part of what you are saying is NOT TRUE. I play on PRIVATE SERVER and the NOTES ARE BUGGED FOR ME ALSO. I posted in these forums a few days after launch explaining this same problem. Seems like people just post what ever they want on here with out actually looking or searching through the forums to see if there problem has already been reported.
  2. I know so far on the private server I play on I have every HLN-A numbered note with the exception of 1, 11, 14, 16. For 11,14,16 every time I go to those areas she will say the dialog but I will not get any boosted exp or get credit. I leave the area and come back and she will still say the dialog and I will get no credit. For 1 I have hit the reset cinematics button in options and rewatch it and still not get credit for it. While another person on my server did the reset and it worked for them. Also it seems like most of the taming and crafting ones are not working for me either. I hav
  3. I am on a unofficial PVE PC server. On the same server there are people that are getting the ones that I have not got credit for and there are some that I did get credit for and they can not. I dont understand how it works for some people and not for others ON THE SAME SERVER. n Hopefully one day it will get fixed. With the server I am playing on there is no cluster so the only way to unlock some of the new engrams is to get the +10 levels from the notes.
  4. Also I have tamed a Stryder and did not receive the Stryder Dossier.
  5. Currently there are multiple HLN-A explorer notes that are not registering. I have not been able to receive the 1st note which should be the intro cinematic. I have tried to go to options and Click Reset Cinematics & Cosmetic Items and after re-watching the intro still no credit for the note. Also when I go to where HLN-A notes 14, 16 and 22 I get the dialog but not credit for the note. If I can not get credit for these notes then no +10 levels for getting all the notes. Has anyone found a fix for this? Some people on my server are able to get credit for the ones I can not but there
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