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  1. I'm starting a tribe on ps4 pvp official. Any1 welcome to join. add me on psn b_a_l_a_z_ best if u have all maps but gonna start on gen2. I will start a group chat on ps for everyone who wants to be involved. I'm jumping on EU-PVP-PS4Official-GenTwo1511
  2. Looking to join or start a tribe. Tired of single player.
  3. Just looking to join a tribe or start a new 1. New and experienced players welcome... psid b_a_l_a_z_
  4. I'm down if you still need members. Ps b_a_l_a_z_ send me an invite
  5. Yo. I'm looking for a tribe too. Just enough players to do all the missions Anyone else reading this is welcome too
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