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  1. Valguero got wiped man. If two ppl tell u, u are drunk, then you are ! 521 got wiped but now its back to normal ! They did a rollback.
  2. As the title suggests the official server 521 pve europe valguero got wiped. Its been more than 20h at the time of this message and we heard no response from the support. Officials servers never wipe unless they are a beginner server which is not the case here. 521 is an old server and all our progress was lost. We ask for a rollback or compensation for the server administration's huge mistake. Please try to understand us too. With the wipe we lost interest in the game. Why would we play multiplayer if its all going to be erased without warning ? ... so please give
  3. Yeah its because they wiped the wrong server ! EU PVE 521 Valguero server got wiped insted of the beginner servers ! Spread the word !
  4. They wiped the wrong server. Official PVE EU 521 Valguero server got wiped and its not even a beginner server.
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