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  1. Server or singlepayer? I play on offical and everyone on my cluster is complaining about no twins or triplets from the incubator. I've hatched a few hundred since gen 2 has come out and only ones i pull for ac wall have ever produced twins or more.
  2. Name says it all. Currently you must pull the egg from the incubator before the egg is done and throw it against an ac wall if you want a chance at twins or triplets. Bugged or intended?
  3. Offical pve servers are so lagged and spammed that people will play on pvp servers to escape it, even if they just want to pve. They put up with people being able to destroy their stuff in order to just be able to play the game. Single player is broken so you're only real option to "just play the game" without pvp is to either rent a server or join an unofficial pve cluster.
  4. Just get a quetz and a bear. Build a ramp and a platform for the bear to stand on and air lift it around the hives in redwoods. You can get 15 honey per wild hive every 5 minutes with a bear which is way better then the 1 honey per 45 mins you get with a tamed bee. I put 8 preserving bins on the back and had them all filled in 20 minutes. Enough cakes for alpha dragon in one run.
  5. Theris of that quality could down alpha dragon with engram saddles and without cakes. They would buzz saw it so fast the dragon wouldn't have time to do any real damage. Any boss you can bring gigas to, bring gigas. For everything else, use theris.
  6. level theris to exactly 21k hp or as close as you can as thats the veggie cake maximum heal. Then put everything else into melee. I soloed alpha dragon on official with 1 yuty, 19 theirs, and they all had 21k hp and 700-800 melee after leveling, no mutations, 70 - 90 armor saddles, and of course veggie cakes. Your theirs will walk over gamma dragon as if it never existed in the first place. Go alpha. Tame high level theris till you have one with at least 40 rolls hp and 40 rolls melee, and that will beat the game for you. Alpha dragon being difficult is a myth perpetuated by the desperate rex
  7. You don't use tames to kill overseer. Take a tek chestpiece and fly above it while shooting it to death with a shotgun. Use a glider suit to get through the tek cave.
  8. Alpha broodmother can be killed with a kangaroo and a shotgun. On official you will need at least four people but in solo theirs no time limit. I wouldn't want to use rexes against alpha master controller either. That fight is about endurance and that's why you need the cakes.
  9. Theirs have so many advantages over rex. They wake up fast, you can throw all 19 of them out of balls for a boss fight and they will be awake in 5 mins. They are smaller and faster, flow together better around a boss. Rex may have better base damage but a theri only has to level its hp to 21k then everything else goes into melee, usually ending up with much higher melee then standard boss fighter rexes. Plus veggie cakes OP.
  10. I put one stack of cakes in each just to be safe. They won't eat all of them. Rexes get melted by dragon. Theirs no boss rexes can kill that theris cannot, universal boss killer. I use them for master controller. I suppose you could try a separate group of rexes leveled into more melee then hp to try and nuke the dragon down before the fire gets them. If you have gen2, the corrupted ring is crawling with high level theris and the new mutagen gives you 10 free mutations from the start.
  11. These bosses aren't hard on offical either. Yall need to get off your rexes and get theris. I soloed alpha dragon and monkey on crossark14 with 1 yuty and 19 theirs with 21k hp and 700-800 melee. No mutations, just good tames bred then leveled properly, veggie cakes, and wearing 60-80 armor saddles. I know t-rex was your favourite dino as a kid but they kinda suck now in ark.
  12. Yes. Pretty sure almost everyone playing single player has this checked. The only real difference is the need for mutations or not on your lines. Should rename use single player settings checkbox to "beat the game with bad lines".
  13. Single player Alpha overseer and rockwell ascensions can easily be done solo with a shotgun because no time limit. No reason not to go after those +30 levels. In SP you can kill all three alpha bosses with 1 yuty and 19 theirs. Don't even have to be good theris because of how melee levels in single player, two rando 135-150 theris bred together, level 21k hp, and the rest melee. I dropped alpha dragon in under a minute using engram saddles and by official standards a crap theri line.
  14. Everyone you saw on youtube didn't think to put gel in the animal's inventory then because until this recent patch I have been using gel instead of mutagen. I never tried using mutagen until now as ~100 gel to mutate a creature was easy to farm. I'm guessing it wasn't meant to be that way but any tribes on official that caught on to that early got a massive head start.
  15. Since the last patch mutagel cannot be used to mutate a dino. Instead it requires mutagen, and in the same quantity that it use to require mutagel. This makes mutating dinos require a great deal more grinding then it did before. Is this a bug or was this an intended nerf? This change wasn't listed in the patch notes.
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