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  1. Hi everyone! For anyone looking for crazy-fun Easter Event for this weekend, please check out Egg Roulette. This mod allows dinos to lay eggs of any kind! Even eggs not normally seen on ARKs. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=905523603 There is a chance for Easter skins - bunny ears and rabbit outfit for roos. All of the new eggs are decorated for Easter. When you're done with the event, simply remove the mod; it removes completely clean. All of your new babies will remain; they're all vanilla dinos. Get together with your server and see what kind of fun you can hatch up!
  2. Basilisk? I'd love for more mythical creatures to be added to the line up! The ARK is run by aliens keeping us as a nature preserve. Dinos = earth creatures; mythical stuff = creatures from other planets, a few of which had gotten loose on earth in our history and became myth.
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