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  1. Just to inform you guys that all sources that say there is no honey on genesis 2 are wrong, i just found a beehive in the mountainside top left of eden biome, and it even had a giant queen bee inside. So guys stop mourning you will find one eventually! Took me since the launch of genesis 2 to find this one but there definately are beehives! Happy Hunting!
  2. I play on PC and i use awesome spyglass! mod and i wanted to tame an archy and when i fly to the mountains i realised that red spot on my spyglass and i checked it out it was a beehive! and i thought there were no way to get honey on the map, i used my tekpunch to kill it and a giant bee queen spawned lol :D now i even have my own beehive to get honey <3 but its the first beehive ive encountered in playing since the launch of genesis 2. so the sources that say there is no honey on genesis 2 are merely wrong but its really rare
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