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  1. I'm more worried about getting fixed everything on gen 2 than for summer bash, we payed for a "worthy" expansion, quoting your twitter manager. And instead we got a half done one in consoles.
  2. The sum of displayed lvls is 164 when the tame lvl is 257, for obvious reasons there's something wrong here (was 145 and I fed it some mutagen so it should have gotten to 165 but instead it got to 257)
  3. I started taming a 145 ferox and noticed the taming progress on taming HUD was not increasing but the ferox had a % over its head in blue writing, I tamed it and it kept the same being 145, didn't got any bonus lvls, before genesis I tamed many of them the same way I did now and they used to get those bonus lvls. I'm wondering if they have been nerfed or is it another bug. Also the tamed ferox has imprint stat showing off when it turns into its big form, like bred ones and has the buff too (being 0% cause is tamed)
  4. The gen2 map is great and it runs better than others, but we need some fixes, specially for missions: Enforcer has issues climbing, sometimes it latches to the wall properly and sometimes it doesn't, it was better like it was before gen 2. Downriver Run: both missions need to improve the canoe handling in consoles, the canoe reacts so different in both missions, also the team one has so many invisible walls. Race missions on alpha should get 10-30 secs increase, that thinking in all those survivors that doesn't have a next gen console, pc and super fast internet. Missions m
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