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  1. Thanks all for the suggestions. But I'm mainly on extinction, I don't even have Gen 2. And nothing comes up when I put something in, although this is to be expected as the other things I put in there over the time will be expired in there (24hr). It's very frustrating not.being able to use all the features of the game!
  2. Yeah 100%. The red 24hr timer comes up. Even if I was putting it in the terminal it's self the items would not disappear.
  3. Official ORP Xbox. Worked fine in the past. Just this last month anything I upload disappears within seconds of being uploaded. If I exit and re-enter my ark data at a terminal the items are gone
  4. Still happening to you? I still cant upload anything without it disappearing!
  5. Anytime I upload something to ark data it disappears from it within minutes and it's completely lost. I have no idea how to get around this bug. I've already lost a 100% imprint mana from it. Help please!
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