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  1. Yes I am working on that it’s just no good ways to transport materials
  2. I’m lvl 80 something but I’m constantly scared of dying far away and loose my stuff so I stay at base and occasionally grind
  3. For the titanasour and quetzal I have a friend and a stockpile of around 2000+ unused metal and for organic polymer I will do penguins for organic polymer and I’m also going to tame tech parasours and breed them for electronics and levles
  4. Actually I have a bird tame but I’m not sure what spiecise it is but it acts like a mobile smithy in my experience I was thinking of taking a quetzal so I could get a titanosour (I have titanasour feeding on and upgrade flier movement speed on) but when I get a titanasour I was going to turn it into a mobile base for longhorn trips also can you farm organic polymer?
  5. Everyone thanks also I am lvl 80 I just build and get resources I just didn’t know what to tame and how as I stay at my base a lot and test
  6. I need tips on what to tame I don’t play much and I don’t know any dinosaurs that I should tame I am on island playing with a friend what tames should well I and my friend tame?
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