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  1. Oh my god! Finally we get the Basilosaurus! Thank you for listening to us fans for the past few months. We DEFINITELY wanted this creature.
  2. Give us those War Banners. PLEASE GIVE US THOSE WAR BANNERS. They NEED to be in the main game.
  3. YES. Basilosaurus is confirmed?! If they can release an official Basilosaurus dossier, then the weeks of waiting will be absolutely worth it.
  4. Oh my gosh! Finally the Chalicotherium gets a dossier! But man, mobile artillery?! That is quite unique for a creature and certainly makes it useful for any tribe. Too bad it doesn't gets bleeding damage though.
  5. How will stones or clubs work against a Titanosaur when tranquilizers are useless? Tranqs are basically the strongest way to knock out a dinosaur, and it is immune to all of them. They won't even feel a hit from a tiny stone or a wooden club.
  6. An Argentinosaurus or a Saltasaurus seems better as a "walking mountain" since Argentinosaurus is MASSIVE and Saltasaurus has the bony osteoderms to protect itself.
  7. There's absolutely no way a large animal can adequately swim and walk flawlessly. When you look at a Giganotosaurus and a Mosasaurus, they are built differently even in the game. A Mosasaurus would struggle to survive on land while a Giganotosaurus would drown in the oceans.
  8. We have the Mosasaurus. A massive underwater creature would most likely be a rare boss to encounter a fight with.
  9. How do you even tame this guy if it is immune to narcotics? I
  10. This animal is such a beast! I like how Thylacoleo can climb trees and I would certainly love the mechanic being added into the game. I also like how I could compare my fan dossier to the official one and see how similar they are. This thing is definitely going to be a monster.
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