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  1. Archaeoindris Fontoynonti: Name: Archaeoindris Scientific Name: Archaeoindris Fontoynonti Diet: Herbivore Temperament: Neutral Time: 6000 b.C Wild: This big fella lives in groups which size varies from 2 to 3, the third one is usually a youngling, if one in the group gets attacked, the entire group will try to counterattack the enemy but will flee if badly hurt or if alone, they usually eat lots of berries in a day, especially the babies as they need to grow strong Taming: To tame these guys, you need to find a baby, drop some food around it and wait for the baby Archaeo to eat it, once he eats it the parents will reach the baby and try to attack you, and at that time, you need to drop more food, the parents will eat it and they will slowly realize it's not a menace and therefore will leave you alone, you repeat the process till it's done Tamed: Once tamed, they can farm a lot of berries and fiber by using their hands, the sounds they can make can scare many smaller creatures and smaller predators away and will call wild Archaeoindrises to help you fight, they can carry up to 2 babies/small creatures around their shoulders, combined with their mobility (long jumps, fast running) they can carry babies around the whole map safe and sound Abilities: Basic attack: slap: 24 dmg, farms a lot of berries and fiber, really fast attack Secondary attack: bite: 48 dmg Roar: scares away small creatures and temporary controls wild archaeoindrises Baby/small creature carry: can carry up to 2 babies/small creature
  2. Note1: this is my opinion you are free to think it your way I am not enforcing this on anyone Note2: This can contain some spoilers N10: Genesis Part 2: Since it's the final map some might think it's the hardest but in the end it's relatively easy, as you start with tek suit, not only that but the only truly dangerous biome is Rockwell's Proliferations even the final boss is pretty easy, the only difficult part is the missions but they aren't too hard N9: Crystal Isles: With an easy starting place and early game wyverns, you can say it's one of the easiest maps, there is no truly dangerous biome, maybe Eldritch Island but it's not that big of a treat, the only thing that isn't so easy about the map is the boss, but outside of that it's relatively easy N8: Ragnarok: With easy to medium difficulty starting places it can be considered one of the easier maps, and also one of the best ones overall, not even the bossfight is that difficult N7: The Center: The map itself isn't so hard, not even the boss is, but traveling takes much time and that places it slightly higher than Ragnarok N6: Valguero: Being similar to Ragnarok, one could say they can be swapped, the real reason it's higher than ragnarok is because the boss can easily be considered harder, way harder as it is 3 bosses in the same arena N5: Scorched Earth: While starting out may not be the best, continuing isn't too hard, there is no truly dangerous biome and in general the boss is one of the easiest ones N4: The Island: It may seem easy at first, but, the amount of grind needed to defeat all bosses places it way higher than it should N3: Extinction: Starting out isn't bad, but the fact that most of the map is filled with corrupted creatures and the grind needed to get to the end makes it one of the hardest maps to complete N2: Aberration: Extinction and Aberration can easily be swapped because while aberration may be one of the hardest maps to survive to, it has one of the easiest boss and boss preparation N1: Genesis Part 1: Easily the hardest map of all of them, hardest to start out on and hardest to complete with the hardest boss, only map other than aberration with 2 Truly Dangerous biomes, this map is easily the hardest of them all
  3. So this guy is supposed to be the ultimate organic polymer harvester, fast on water, slow on land, a slightly below average speed attacker that does a lot of damage, usually stays in groups up to 6 and also a good way to keep yourself warm, also the males have a mane while females don't, and they are smelly, anyways let's move onto the attacks: Classic Bite: 40 dmg, harvests a good amount of polymer Strong bite: 70 dmg and a bleed, has a 10 second cooldown and harvests an epic ton of organic polymer Tail attack: 20 dmg, is faster underwater and slows the enemy down for 1 second Scent: it gives you a buff that de-aggroes most creatures for 15 seconds and gives a debuff to creatures nearby that makes them 20% slower Pack Buff Roar (Male Only): buff lasts 1 minute, it gives 20% speed, 20% damage, 20% resistance and 20% attack speed Time to move onto a more specific description (not exactly a dossier because I am not good at making them): Species: Thalassoleon Mexicanus Time: Miocene and early Pliocene Diet: piscivore/carnivore Temperament: Male: Aggressive Female: Neutral Wild: This Walrus usually lives in groups from 2 to 6, if anyone is attacked the entire group will protect the one who was attacked and try to kill the offender, Females are shy and will run away if attackes while Males are aggressive and you need to be more careful with them as they can easily kill you Taming: To tame one you need to use a beartrap or a net ammunition and trap them, then feed them food, their kibble is the Superior one and they prefer fish over meat, but they will also accept meat if they need to eat it in order to survive Tamed: These guys are able to not only defend you but with their teeth they are able to easily farm hide, pelt, organic polymer and more, their fighting strenght excels when they are in group as they become, faster stronger and tankier, and with their teeth they are able to bleed down even the toughest of the beasts, and this makes them really good to defend yourself underwater and also fight your enemies, and if you ever get in to trouble you can always leave your Thalassoleon's scent on the enemy and you will be able to escape I will further improve this if I think of any good idea or if you guys give me some good ideas Here is the drawing I made for it (It kinda sucks ngl)
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