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  1. Did you ever get a solution to this problem? its happening to me now !
  2. I have a ticket in and I'm afraid I'm going to lose my stuff as well... i tried everything again and all of what you did and also went to the oby but no luck generally they have been pretty good to respond to me...I'm hoping that stays the same , will keep you informed!
  3. I will check it now . thanks the auto fav is checked and that's it.. the servers come up and everything looks good when i select the server and the transfer but nothing happens> I'm going to have to put in a ticket i suppose.
  4. hello all..logged in to play tonight and i tried to travel to another server to feed and my transmitter will not send me over . i typed in the server number, up popped the list and I highlighted it and nothing.... only way out was to take the server number out of the text box then cancel ..tried multiple servers and still nothing. Rebooted my computer and update or restarted steam and the game.. still the same .. any suggestions? I even validated my files in steam for the game and still nothing!
  5. OOPS Sorry just noticed this was XBOX ... i am having troubles on PC
  6. Has anyone gotten answers as to whats going on yet? i cant transfer at all out tonight and i have tried multiple servers i belong to?
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