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  1. i dont demand a recount. but they shouldnt of had a public vote if they were going to pick a low vote mod like a content pack or pretty things over a voter picked Dino armor mod. Not that i should care since my votes were low so i shouldnt of won and i didnt. i just feel bad for people like pimp my dino and Futurism when im sure a lot of people feel that content pack should of had no chance with the votes the way they were. Point of the matter is its a sham. Same thing with the boaty mcboatface sham, The american Delegate sham and truthfully any real vote process where someone other then the voters has some sort of personal interest in the outcome. They will not admit the BS they pulled with this contest. They wont assume any fault. I hope if they make another contest they learn from this disgrace of a contest. Either let the public vote or they can pick, one or the other. As for rigging they had us assign our steam accounts. Im sure they can check if we are verified accounts. Worse case someone pays 5 bucks per vote to "Rig" the system. The fact NONE of the game communities that pledged their vote to me couldnt vote. As i said in a previous post there is no way how bad this gimped the voting on each particular mod so no way to argue that point in the end BUT it was handled like a bunch of 12 year olds thought it up. They could of used the steam accounts info im sure to figure out if the account owned the game or something. If a vote required a game ownership with steam then a vote woulda cost 25-35 usd. All kinds of way to fix stuffed ballot boxes. They had no interest in it because they were going to just pick in the end anyway. Here is Proof: My accound obviously knows i have purchased Ark. they could of limited it that way and let everyone with the game vote.
  2. 60/40 or 50/50 you can still cheat the system, they should of been required to explain exactly how that 60% was used. I have a feeling it was used to completely ignore public voting with no regard to due process. "I will pick the ones i like anyways and justify it with 60%". They should have to show the point rankings they gave and explain exactly why that mod got those points in those categories and the other mods didnt. Its too late now as they can make poop up to match, it should of been posted with the results (Which were late just like everything they seem to do).
  3. remember some mods like the stargate mod couldnt be in the contest due to copyright infringements.
  4. it still appears that Wildcards 10% added up to some stupid results. As i said i fi didnt place because of votes i wouldnt be SO angry even though the voting was broken. But the fact someone with 21 votes beat out someone with 61 votes or someone with 106 votes is a bit shady to say the least. seems that the 10% = whoever Wildcard wanted to win and damn the votes.
  5. i made my mod to fill a hole, when i made it into the contest i made a lot of boats and other items, even paid out of pocket for models to try to place in this contest that i would never have put the work in this much or this fast otherwise.
  6. im sure you did a lot of work but we have 2 issues here. 1 mods that add the most value to the game should of been considered. i wouldnt think building mods that are a dime a million and mods taht add pretty things that dont necessarily add new areas or features to the game should of been considered. Then you have the rigged contest that obviously a) the votes didnt matter b) the voting was completely broken and handled wrong. i had a pool of over 1000 players that i know of that would of voted but couldnt. The ones that tried were banned and the others didnt see the benefit of trying for 2 weeks to get enough posts without getting banned for a vote. I have spent a long time making mods that add the ocean as viable play space and new things that solve real problems in the game like the radar for pve servers. I try to make mods that fill a hole. "Pretty" mods have their place but they shouldnt be contest winners in my opinion. The Boat mod im suprised was picked at all since it was a really late submission but in the grand scheme for what it adds to the game i was shocked at how it performed over "Pretty" mods. Content pack was tied with me for votes. Never used it, dont know what functionality it adds but it seemed to win because it had pretty models. The racing mod in my opinion isnt anything players couldnt really do on their own with some structures and an admin watching everyone go round and round. I lost as well, and im ok with this because no matter what i didnt have the votes. I couldnt get them which made me angry but there is no way to know if voting was possible for everyone if the 1000 votes i didnt get still would of left me in low ranking because people that couldnt vote for the others voted as well. that is something i cant even possibly argue. The voting was broken, they were informed and they did nothing. so we move on. However the fact that the content mod and the racing mod placed is down right shady to me. votes were 40% and wildcard had 60% so wildcard had 10% more say. i dont get how a mod tied with me so low in the rankings beat out mods with MANY more votes on a simple 10% advantage. This whole contest was rigged and even if i had placed i would of said the same thing. The fact Fururism got an honorable mention is appalling to me.
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