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  1. Gen2 has immediately brought problems into the game, people including myself have a main character locked in a server which i can no longer retrieve due to the server being constantly overfull. Been trying to get back in for 3 days... nothing wrong with my internet. Wild Card, this is on you, this is your responsibility. Do something about it or you'll start losing players such as myself. If you want people to enjoy your game, actually let people play your stupid game instead of adding server player limits, add a bloody queue to when a player can join. People can't even check o
  2. I played on SP for a bit, got bored really quick, you end up using mods because you get lazy
  3. I can't even get in, haven't been able to for over a day because of overpop, my server is OC 1548, my stuff has surely started to decay by now, after the update, I haven't even been able to check on my stuff on other maps...WC, you screwed up big time, i can't even check on my dinos on other maps now they're just gonna die. I can't even spam refresh because the game crashes if i do, it's my main that's stuck in gen2
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