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  1. So, the ARK Wiki has the following blurb about using people on foot: To clarify, you guys completed the boss fight on Beta and Alpha without any dinosaurs whatsoever? How many Cactus Broths did it take, and what else did you bring? Edit: I just tested the shotgun strategy on Gamma on my test world. DAMN did it work. Flawless strategy. I would imagine this would definitely work on Beta and Alpha.
  2. So, my friends and I started a dedicated server on ARK. We have played for a couple years and we have never done Rockwell before, so we wanted to try to beat him. Because I knew that I would need to practice fighting him, I backed up our current world, and began a new one where I would cheat in the items we'd need to fight him. Though we only had 2/5 of the players in our tribe online, we figured that we might just be able to complete him on Beta, if not Gamma. We failed on both. We had the following: Fifteen Megalosauruses, 15k health with ~1080% melee damage, and n
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