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  1. Bro, you gotta be kidding me, of corse they are not going to add deathworms, why would they? It is a smart business move because you then have to go to scorched. So you have to buy it.
  2. Hello, I know, this is the third week, no rush. I just want you to know, that my game has not been saving. I understand that this is a new game. It is a genesis part 2, so obviously it will be buggy. It won’t even say that it is saving. Just loading. Thank you for your time. Have a nice week. Thank you!!!
  3. Hey, I commented last time a little bit late, I have tried everything, but my genesis part 2 is not saving. Can I fix that somehow? Please fix it thank you P.S. HOLY CRAP, you guys are morons (not devs) you are SOOO picky, IT IS A NEW GAME. of course there is going to be some problems. Take A CHILL PILL.
  4. Hello, I just got genesis part 2, and it will not let me save, is there a way I can save? The other DLC’s work. Thank you Have a nice day
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