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  1. Manipulator was a carnivorous, predatory species of cockroach https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manipulator_(insect) Though it was quite small in real life (only a few millimeters), this is ARK, so this could easily be increased to the size of a mid-sized mount. It had wings, an elongated neck capable of rotating 360 degrees, and lengthened legs. In-game, the manipulator would be a stealth hunter. It would be able to scuttle around quickly, or charge far jumps (similar to the procoptodon or reaper king). (charge jump would look like this) The manipulator also would have the ability
  2. i don't think that this should just cannibalize other dinos' abilities personally. if this one gets added, i'd rather it fill a separate niche instead of stealing abilities from other dinos
  3. this seems a bit.. generic. all the ideas here are recycled from other creatures, and we already have way too many theropods as it is
  4. I'd love to see this have some sort of swinging ability, kind of like the bloodstalker but without webs. I want to ride a giant monkey and swing through a cave lol
  5. while it has potential for unique attacks, it's still just a theropod. it looks very similar to the rex, and we already have quite a few theropods. something other than "two legged carnivore" would be nice for once
  6. we don't need another generic theropod tbh, we have a ton of them as it is
  7. what exactly would this bring to the table that no other dino has? as cool as theropods can look, this would just end up another rex clone
  8. (not going to quote that because it'll be way too large) That's a very interesting take, I hadn't thought about it that way before. Honestly, if that's the way they went about it, I'd be okay with that.
  9. tek adds a reason to progress. without it, why would you beat the bosses? why not just stay on a shack on the beach?
  10. I didn't come back to this game until they added tek. It's all personal preference, and I can say with certainty that mine is having it.
  11. what do you mean? gen2 has nearly every dino from every dlc. there are gen1 creatures, ext creatures, SE creatures, ab creatures, there are even dinos from the free maps in some locations and missions.
  12. > mostly primitive I really hope you guys aren't just removing TEK, the one thing that makes ark truly unique. Without it, this just becomes another fantasy/prehistoric survival game. I know for a fact that if there's nothing past primitive stage in ARK 2, I won't be buying the game.
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