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  1. since i live in australia, when will the ARK NYE event happen and if my hippocampus creature submission was not allowed, then why was the unicorn allowed in, cause both are fantasy creatures and i'd like to be banned from the ARK servers and just do single play would that be possible? and maybe do a inflatable veleciraptor costume for the next summer bash plus the the salt-water crocodile is a modern-day dinosaur
  2. Hippocampus il_570xN.1127065289_sf5e.webp Tome to add a new water mount: a Hippocampus they are a mythical half-horse-half-fish creature hippocampus can outswim megalodons and plesiosaurs should be ridden without a saddle should be a passive tame can swim away fast when a survivor approaches from front or wild creature attacks them should be feed by fish meat or berries can be found in near deep water You may enjoy this ARK
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