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  1. Hello, No information about this problem ?
  2. Hi, Can you translate the game like it was before Genesis 2 please ? Some menus are in english now, since Genesis 2. As you can see on my screenshot, 3 menus in english in this example : - "Change Targetting Range From" - "Change Follow Distance From" - "Order : " / "Enable Following" Thank you for your help.
  3. Hi, Since Gen2, all items are "primitive" quality (grey) in the supply crate/loot crate on my server. - same on Island / Ragnarok Desert / Valguero lava cave... (we don't install the genesis 2 map for the moment). Don't see an item in the other quality : Ramshackle Apprentice Journeyman Mastercraft Ascendant Do you know if there is a new setting to do ? Is it a bug ? On discord, Spork Witch (admin team Ark Survival Evolved) say that I should report this. On the Ark Server Manager Discord, som
  4. Je comprends MaxServerARKFR ta démarche... Mais il y a bien un problème avec le français... Ta démarche de changer la culture (langue) en anglais dans les options de lancement du serveur ne touche pas le client (joueur) ? uniquement le serveur ? Sans compter que je vois un wipe des levels (comme une potion d'oubli) et un soucis pour les hauts levels. Franchement cette mise à jour n'a pas été testée, c'est impossible.
  5. An other try : Replacing ../ShooterGame/Content/Localization/Game/fr/ShooterGame.locres with ../ShooterGame/Content/Localization/Game/en/ShooterGame.locres It works ! The server start. I think there's a problem with the french language... Still no help WildCard ?
  6. Invalid BufferCount=0 while reading .../ShooterGame/Content/Localization/Game/fr/ShooterGame.locres This locres file is empty, is it normal ? I tried to delete "Content" folder and download again, same.
  7. Hi, Same problem here with the update. I don't have e: too Is this a localization problem : fr (french) ? Do you have an idea please ?
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