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  1. yes im owner of the server we try to go from abb to island or extinction but it deletes the character once we get to that map but if we go from extinction to the island it doesnt delete the character
  2. For multiple of my tribe mates witch are 13 in total cannot transfer due to their character possibly being deleted 2 of our other tribes mates tried to transfer and their character was deleted due to the attempt of transfering
  3. FOR the ones who dont see how the tech punch is op go watch his video maybe then youll see -go follow bam
  4. when you have a strider and you have many dedis you cant see where youre strider will put its loot for theirs so many that they over lap eachother
  5. i alreadly stated to you why if everyone has it its okay its not okay lol for if they add something both ways and the game changes based on that then okay but if people use it to take advantage of it and it changes the meta to a point where other stat are not viable like health or weight then it changes the meta in a bad way and if people can max mele and one shot tames and stone houses and players with armor and capped health thenyes it needs to be nerfed ill be done replying to you but it was fun while it lasted cant keep talkin if people dont wanna listen and debate - understand why pvp nee
  6. i havnt seen many out cries i used that as a example to why its over powerd that a level one can get threw a stone base and all you have said is how sad it is i complain about it but you refuse to accept it and just make it out to be some baby thing instead of actually talking about it bud- its op for a free suit to break stone not thatch or wwood you shouldnt even build in that for they can break it with a pick something free shouldnt even have dmg on it
  7. them re enabling doesnt change my mind lol i thought the first one was awesome they remeber their were two patches they re enabled it because they went even further and removed the punch in all and more importantly removed the tech sprint witch was awful what they did no one wanted that and thats why the community flipped out my point still stands that its op if the tech punch free version can dmg stone lol
  8. hey bud i can still debate even tho they updated the game if anything go make youre own forum- and as for allowing a disable enable action i would say thats awesom they did indeed add it and got lots of peoples hopes up so i think it would be right to add the enable option in pve situations as well- I also wouldnt have a problem with tech punch being added to the original tech suit for the map for they are at that point just the starting suit having it is op
  9. Not everyone is going to agree with me and most of comments will walk past avoid the obvious answer oh dont live in stone its not me living in stone its thats where you start and stone is mid game metal late tech end game what most yall dont get is level one should not be able to beat a stone base with ease and if you just say dont live in a stone base sorry but youre answer is invalid now yes youre right for how the story took you their but that ark story isnt youre story its the story of the players in ark- you are youre own ark character not them but you defeat rock well after them yes lets
  10. its not making life harder its making life more meta instead of op- lifes not harder becaues we took away your free farming in pvp its still better than it was for you have a tech suit with infinite flight lol go back to waht you were doing with a pick or anky or tame a stryder-- well people always gonna complain like you are for them not allowing level 1 players be able to skip threw half the leveling system and just say yea ill go farm metal or go raid a stone base or kill an alphas stryed whiles hes gone for 15 mins- its not making life harder sure its harder for you to farm with tech gaunl
  11. when I was talking about attributes i was talkin about the tech being free not the armor value for even 150 armor is huge for a skin 2. yes i would say remove a commonly abused free weapon from the game if its being abused in pvp thats why it needs to be nerfed and people dont one shot lol. and simply saying oh punch die and when theirs a stat system in place where people are just maxing a stat that makes all other stats invalid or even one stat yes thats op- my problem with a level 1 is that he is able to break into stone for free not that hes doing less dmg than us he can still get a free st
  12. I think the armor is cool idea love it indeed my problem is the armor that noobs can raid, kill , mine with no effort at all except for clicking mele to one shot kids - so that said for pvp standards Tech punch is awful the tech suit is good i think it was smart idea to do with the dlc but making the suit scale makes the armor amazing instead of just okay yea i can fly around and do things
  13. a Skin that scales with mele as does the tech suit -pvp is the base of the game they have to nerf things so that other mechanics arnt abused all they did was remove tech punch witch just made life easier just caues its eaiser doesn't make it better- a lev 1 being able to break into a pvp stone base technically mid game is insane and a capped mele player being able to one shot a capped health player is also insane of course they are going to nerf something given for free thats op becaues it changes the meta why use tools if you can just punch rocks from level one pvp is the bread and butter of
  14. Yes but inexchange for armor is unlimited power and same dps that the punch would do the tek suit still eats element and does not do more dmg than the pre meta
  15. yea im just glade it got a nerf I wasnt saying its not suppose to be their but it having the same attributes as the original tech was strange and seeming unfair to people who have farmed for it im glade ark removed dmg from the free tech
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