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  1. Another alternative although fishing works, I uploaded my survivor and popped into Gen 2 to scope the map out, the drops are working in the gen 2 maps. I ran around just collecting bp's and a few good items and loaded them up to transfer back. I know it isn't ideal, and not a work around in anyway if you don't have gen 2, but its a time killer, and in my own opinion a little more exciting then fishing ^^ Although fishing did work for me, just got bored. @CatInFire I wonder also how hard it can be to fix, being it works great on Gen 2.
  2. Just in case anyone in this thread does not follow the discord announcements , the primitive engram quality items and blueprints was on the list of things they are currently working on!
  3. Still no reply to my submitted bug report either. Also I am unable to find any information that the problem has been acknowledged, most frustrating.
  4. Submitted a extensive bug report, but unfortunately I have not had a reply yet, most likely due to the flood of bug reports with the Gen 2 release. Anyone else by chance have any feedback?
  5. I'm having this same issue, but it's not just deep sea loot, it's all supply drops, and loot crates. tried my Nitrado server and single player, same issue. Have tried it on Extinction, and The Island, unfortunately I don't play official.
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