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  1. Yeah as a heavily pro Free Speech Aussie I was wondering why 75% of my messages weren’t going through….figured it was big tech over reach censorship 😑, I just wish there was a way for me to disable it on my cluster given I’m the owner and ppl have complained about the overly sensitive chat filter.
  2. Last night I tamed my first Space Dolphin, just a little level 15 for practice, then proceeded to tame a 130 which went well once I learned to stay away from that massive dome it calls a forehead 😂, love this thing…but now he needs a little girlfriend, I’ll make sure she over level 18 though😉
  3. Since my state is in lockdown (NSW Australia) I’ve had a lot more time to play, so I finished up enough of my Theri and Rex army to do Gamma Broodmother, smoked it , planning to grab the last artifact needed (Pack) to do easy Ape…though I am considering going straight for Beta coz I need that Tek Generator unlocked. Built my Tek Replicator, crafted a ton of tek foundation’s and expanded my base, coming along nicely so far. Later today I’m going to start raising a Shadowmane army for bosses since the raise time is fairly low☺️
  4. The names I went with were Free Candy and Predapus, and someone on my cluster has Got Milk lol My very first Maewing was called Sugarpus though coz it’s like a Sugar glider / Platypus combo.
  5. Babies, Juvies and Adolescent can all eat from a Platypus, fully raised a Shadowmane to adulthood with nothing in my two feeding troughs. I did hear someone raised 10 babies from 1 Maewing and 2 starved, so I think there might be an 8 baby cap…given 8 nipples and only 8 surviving.
  6. Went around collecting tons of loot from drops on Genesis 2 then farmed 31,000 metal on my new Tek Stryder, so satisfying 🤗
  7. Unofficial Xbox/PC cluster Went to check loot drops of bugs were fixed, nearly puked when seen they weren’t. Started moving into the waterfall cave on Rag and am using a Maewing to raise 6 Theri at once and a Yuty for my boss army, going well so far! Then headed over to Gen2 and collected some loot drops while nobody else was online to pinch them😜, need a good Theri saddle BP.
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