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  1. I generally avoid superstitious behaviour in games and real life, doing well so far without it…touch wood!
  2. Just got twin Rex’s 30 seconds ago from egg incubator on my Xbox/PC cross platform cluster on my Gen2 server. Screenshot or it didn’t happen? Sure!
  3. Yeah as a heavily pro Free Speech Aussie I was wondering why 75% of my messages weren’t going through….figured it was big tech over reach censorship , I just wish there was a way for me to disable it on my cluster given I’m the owner and ppl have complained about the overly sensitive chat filter.
  4. Last night I tamed my first Space Dolphin, just a little level 15 for practice, then proceeded to tame a 130 which went well once I learned to stay away from that massive dome it calls a forehead , love this thing…but now he needs a little girlfriend, I’ll make sure she over level 18 though
  5. Since my state is in lockdown (NSW Australia) I’ve had a lot more time to play, so I finished up enough of my Theri and Rex army to do Gamma Broodmother, smoked it , planning to grab the last artifact needed (Pack) to do easy Ape…though I am considering going straight for Beta coz I need that Tek Generator unlocked. Built my Tek Replicator, crafted a ton of tek foundation’s and expanded my base, coming along nicely so far. Later today I’m going to start raising a Shadowmane army for bosses since the raise time is fairly low
  6. The names I went with were Free Candy and Predapus, and someone on my cluster has Got Milk lol My very first Maewing was called Sugarpus though coz it’s like a Sugar glider / Platypus combo.
  7. Babies, Juvies and Adolescent can all eat from a Platypus, fully raised a Shadowmane to adulthood with nothing in my two feeding troughs. I did hear someone raised 10 babies from 1 Maewing and 2 starved, so I think there might be an 8 baby cap…given 8 nipples and only 8 surviving.
  8. It’s because the server hosts have not yet updated the server side and thus your client doesn’t match server version. I run a cluster of 4 servers and can’t play either because Nitrado has not yet updated the cluster to the latest version.
  9. Went around collecting tons of loot from drops on Genesis 2 then farmed 31,000 metal on my new Tek Stryder, so satisfying
  10. Ok so clearly this is a bug or something, been here for over an hour trying to tame a level 15 Tek Stryder on a 2x taming server, only requires 3 successful hacking attempts to tame, the problem is every time you get to the final phase (or even the 2nd) despite lining up the bars and it showing as such, you get shocked and the entire process resets. Due to this bug shocking you as if you failed when clearly you didn’t, it’s impossible to tame one.
  11. Unofficial Xbox/PC cluster Went to check loot drops of bugs were fixed, nearly puked when seen they weren’t. Started moving into the waterfall cave on Rag and am using a Maewing to raise 6 Theri at once and a Yuty for my boss army, going well so far! Then headed over to Gen2 and collected some loot drops while nobody else was online to pinch them, need a good Theri saddle BP.
  12. I agree, people who don’t like the game just won’t bother saying anything because in order to be passionate you must care about it. Its like when couples fight all the time and one day one of them just goes silent and stops engaging, because they don’t care enough to get mad anymore
  13. The real question, is it a Dino game with survivors, or a survival game with Dino in it
  14. Try telling that to the dinosaurs whose preferred kibble type is ME
  15. Of course it’s going to seem easy wearing a tek suit running around fighting Platypuses, but if you go visit Rockwell in his corrupted garden you won’t feel so advanced anymore, I know I didn’t lol Also fun is where you find it, I personally like early game also…at first, but after the 500th fresh start it just becomes a chore and tedious. Oh and last thing, we are survivors and we have to evolve
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