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  1. Shy does it say my thatch floor was destroyed last night by auto decay(which had a storage with all my valuables) when I placed it last night
  2. I just did a gamma race mission and went back to the terminal, I them couldn't start a different mission. I have tried restarting ark, my ps4, and leaving and rejoining the game. What have I done as it seems no one else has this problem
  3. I'm on gen2 and I need to go to another server to reset my upload. There is nothing on me or in transmitter including the tel armor. I can't join with survivor in any map but I need to reset my upload on a different map of I will lose my 342 managarmr and 220 blood crystal wyvern. Can someone tell me how to fix this or if ark will replace my mana and wyvern?
  4. Every now and then my wyvern flys away as soon as I get off it. It is set on passive. I usually just deal with it and whistle to follow however today on extinction it flew off and I can't find it again. I have a clip of it. Can ark or ps4 replace my wyvern please because this is the result of a glitch and it's completely in fair that this keeps happening
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