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  1. now that's what I call a true ark dinosaur. You can't play ark without attaching as many weapons to your dino as possible
  2. fair enough. I'm actually kind of excited for an npc tribe because it means I can play against a tribe without worrying about their levels 1000 managarmrs and their 5 billion gigas
  3. Am I seriously the only person who wants to play gen II except it's hardcore, you start without a tek suit, you can't access missions or HLNA, there's no tames and it's primitive plus? I'm expecting you all to lock me up in an insane asylum for saying that but I seriously want to try it.
  4. my fav thing about this whole convo is that Ganelon's image has a very visible watermark
  5. yeah the load time on pc's are ridiculous. I'm currently on xbox and it doesn't take too long but still you guys have it tough
  6. Get killed by the largest new creature I can find shouldn't be too hard...
  7. yeah no offence to some of the ark community but this game can be filled with unfriendly imbeciles who just rant and rave and then shoot anyone they see. I prefer hosting private servers but I can barely find anyone who's as committed as me to play it at the times I suggest which is annoying. Ark gamers who can confine to not grinding and actually playing a survival game without having to spend 23 hours a day on it to secure their base are hard to find these days
  8. I've been playing ark for a long time now and enjoyed almost every single bit of it as it is definitely the best survival game I have tried. One thing I don't like, and this will make so many people cringe as it is understandable, is the grinding side of ark. I don't enjoy creating tek farms or breeding farms or any of that because even if you do need to create those things later on to properly get the materials needed it is not a survival experience in my opinion it's just a thing you can put a lot of time into with rewards yes but I don't have that sort of time This is why (even if it i
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