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  1. Thanks! I started using Phlinger Phoo Soloing the Ark Settings a month or two back. Maybe I changed something then. I originally thought the decay timer said 2 days. It must have been 2 hours. They have disappeared now.
  2. iI should have mentioned I'm playing solo. I didn't realize it made a difference. Can someone tell me if this is a recent change. I had the same thing happen when I first started breading Ovis. I just ended up with a whole lot of mutton.
  3. I forgot to disable breading on a pair of tyhla's and ended up with a stack of corpses. All the searching I have done says I should be able to harvest them. I know I was able to do that a few months ago. This time I've tried everything I can think of up to a chainsaw. Nothing works. Is this a bug, a change or am I just missing something?
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