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  1. I think it would still be a good idea to add one more statistics to the exomek, this is power, for example, for more resource extraction with the help of a drill or a chainsaw, more power, better farming.
  2. I'm really amazed at Genesis 2, But this map is designed only for x1 rates, I really liked the lunar biome system and in general, but everywhere there are pros and cons. I am very sorry that there is only one place on the whole map that at least somewhat resembles an enclosed space, it would be possible to do something like this at least in the rockwell biome, well, there is a suggestion that it can be improved. When you announced the exo mek, I thought he would help with the farm and I am very surprised by the lack of the ability to take the exo mek in the hands of a drill or a chainsaw, I
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