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  1. It’s awful on my ps5, constant random crashes, bugs all over like star dolphins aim not lining up with the cursor and rubberbanding atleast every 2-5 minutes. I hope nobody buys ark 2
  2. Hi, is anybody getting a problem where the cursor doesn’t line up with where your shots are hitting. I have to keep the cursor in the right hand side of the screen to go straight. If I put the cursor in the middle I fly off to the left. The mission is impossible if I can’t line my cursor up to where I want to shoot. Come on wildcard.. how do you expect to sell ark 2 when this game is how it is.
  3. Okay we went for gamma and then beta spider tonight. 19 rexes 1 random yuti, with 104 armour saddles. They all had about 70k hp 2000% damage and it was the easiest thing I’ve done in ark. The gamma fight took 45 seconds and the beta took 1 minute 20. The rexes lost 1k health in both one after the other. We are going to try alpha spider tomorrow and then all 3 megapithecus. I’m unsure about the dragon as I think if he hits with fireballs it actually kills you off your tame so bit worried about that
  4. Okay thank you, I’m thinking of filling the last few gaps in the team with deinonychus. They have 12k hp, 1600% damage so should be at least a little help. I also worked out the gamma monkey only has 181k hp and the rexes do 21k hp damage per group bite with a yuty buff so it should be a breeze
  5. Okay so I’ve now got 13 fully grown rexes levelled up with ascendant 104 armour saddles and a random 150 tamed yuty. We are going to give it a go tomorrow and see what happens. The rexes have about 75k hp and 2000%+ damage. I honestly can’t see why we couldn’t kill them
  6. The PS4/ps5 loot drops and cave drops are working as of yesterday for me
  7. I will need to find another trade for a good deino saddle. I have 3 140+ kibble tamed daedon I can use but I’ll grab a few more. I’ve never seen a shotgun over 250% on official and don’t have any blueprints for good ghillie or fur. If they hurried up fixing the drops I might stand a chance. At the minute I’ve only got good flak armour
  8. Thanks, I’m going to try broodmother tomorrow and see how I get on
  9. Really appreciate the input, loads of info I can get into. I have managed to trade on my server for a 104 armour Rex saddle bp, am I in a stronger position now? The deino’s hatch at 1000 damage, 6-7k health so fully levelled with the rexes and a yuty I’m raising I should be good to go?
  10. Thanks guys I do have a couple yuty growing up now. Would 19 good deinonychus and yuty/Rex/theri work for the dragon? These are easier to breed for me than the theri as they take less time
  11. Hi, I’ve been working hard the last month or so to breed rexes. Ive managed to get 10 full grown rexes base stats 35k hp 1400% damage. These will only have primitive saddles because of the bug at the minute with the supply drops. Would I need to keep going on the breeding or is 10 going to easily do the gamma bosses?
  12. Hi, you can transfer your character in with nothing on it and then out of gen2 with items/tames. I can’t wait to be able to transfer stuff into gen2 but that’s probably a few months away
  13. Thanks everyone for the help, I used this 2x event to get 2 rexes finished and we swapped eggs for metal so I’ve got 5 babies to raise now. I am going to try and trade for a tek generator and tek trough because I think that will let me keep a Rex or 2 out for 24 hours until I can get back and fill it up
  14. Thanks, I probably play maximum of 3 hours a day because it’s all the spare time I have (I still think that’s a lot) and at that rate with a cryopod. One Rex is going to take me 32 days to raise to full. It just seems a ridiculous amount of time. If I could get them to last 24 hours with just the troughs I could drop it to 4 days which seems more reachable but I don’t think that’s possible?
  15. Hi, I want to try and breed rexes ready for my first boss fights. With a full time job I’m finding the game almost impossible anyway but to the time requirements. 4 days of looking after a Rex when I can only play a couple hours a day just seems like it’s punishing me for not spending my life on the game. What can I do to afk raise them or other tactics? I cannot just log in every 8 hours or so and I also play on ps5 on official
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