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  1. Nomad and Donn have some good points - I guess it's not so much the power gap in technology level itself as where those technologies are applied. It's easier to smash stuff than to stop it from being smashed right now, so if they can even that up, it might be more competetive.
  2. Ding Ding Ding! Wait til more people start to clue in to this fact, it's gonna be great Player reaction to missions in Gen1 was so great they decided to make a map based on nothing but missions ! 90% of resources cover 90% of the map, no traditional "caves" to clear, supply drops can contain literally anything (except a saddle you actually use harhar) - not sure what delusional state prompted WC to lock transfers on this map on Official as if it's a complete map, it's absolutely pointless to start a new character here.
  3. Interesting - I've a cronjob that every hour checks for updates, and if one is found, backs up the server / updates / updates mods / restarts. I see that as of about an hour ago, the automatic Server update *rolled back* the build to 6849302 - server is now reporting as 329.27 However the patch notes on this site still say that .45 is the lastest version in the header, while the body of the patch notes make no mention of .45 at all lol PC Client also just had an update - it did NOT say "workshop content" yet the update shows 0 bytes. Wondering if it rolled back as well. Client w
  4. Dunno about the other platforms, but this is what it looks like in PC section: Post title: "PC Patch Notes: Client v329.25 - Server: v329.27 (Updated: 06/12/2021)" First heading: "Current ARK Official Server Network Servers Version: v329.45" No patch notes or data or even any other mention of 329.45 given. Next heading: "Current Version: v329.27 (.25 client) - 06/10/2021 - Fixed a bug where...." Meanwhile after validating all server files and checking for updates every 5 minutes for the past 2 hours, my server reports as 329.33 - build 6857071 CLEAR AS
  5. I do not know if this is an issue with the server code or the PC client code. There has always been some lag in ARK no matter how optimal your setup and connection was, but it's completely out of hand now. It's irritating constantly, but it's also affecting gameplay in combat and other critical actions. And it's become an absolute hazard to air travel or using the Exo suit in any way - when a lagburst strikes as you're activating the boost, for example, you will teleport up and down and all over until being slammed down back on the ground as everything resyncs. This is irritating at best
  6. Hi How, I'm sorry to have to tell you, but this is not up to WildCard, and it is also not likely to happen. Sony has been *extremely* restrictive as to what is allowed to be accessed on the PlayStaion systems. For example, mods were enabled for Fallout 4 a while back on both XBone and PS4. XBone mods can do most of the things that PC mods can do. But the PlayStation mods are subject to a ton of rules that Sony has enforced - not allowed to make certain changes or add certain assets or access certain files - making PS4 Fallout mods extremely gimped and nearly useless. Any request
  7. Server claims it's the latest version, patch notes state bees have been added and recommends allowing respawns. Admin command used to wipe all wild dinos, and waited an hour. Scanned all of Eden and Rockwell's Garden - no hives, no bees. Used mod-enabled tracking device to make sure, scanning every map sector for all wild dinos in render range. Nothing. All other wilds showing up properly as far as I can tell.
  8. Saying it's going to be "more primitive" doesn't really tell us much, and saying "no Tek" might appease the crowd that hates it but doesn't really confirm that they understand what went wrong with it and how they're going to avoid repeating it. If you want a thousand-hour game, there will have to be SOME kind of progression or constant goal to be working towards. Worst-case scenario is they're convinced we want to do endless missions as the treadmill activity and rewards are locked behind it, as we saw start to creep into Gen1 and now Gen2, where core ARK activities - taming - are locked behin
  9. I would be embarrassed to have any production server that exhibited this kind of lag. There has always been server glitchiness in ARK but it is now worse than it's ever been. To put this in context: I am running a dedicated Linux server that automatically checks for updates every hour, and savesworld, shuts down, takes a backup, applies update, and restarts the server if one is found. I am running 329.21 that was just released. The server has 12 physical cores / 24 threads, 64 GB of RAM, ARK and the OS installed on SSD, dual GigE NICs, and those NICs are connected to the same gig swi
  10. I don't have hardly any experience with Tek gear, nor do I have any interest in the haze-fest trollabration that is public pvp. So I didn't know the controls or functions of the Tek gear. Nothing will ever be as funny as my accidentally discovering the rocket punch or teleport strike or whatever it is and accidentally obliterating a dodo. I'd hate to take that experience away from new folks Seriously, if something is nerfed, removed, or otherwise taken away from players "because pvp balance," please just make it a configurable option for servers who don't care about pvp and just
  11. Then why did they announce a staggered rollout with console getting it "some hours" after PC? Fair has nothing to do with it. Announcing a "we really mean it this time" launch date after multiple delays, then having that date finally come, and meeting it with absolute silence and nary a hint nor clue while keeping people strung along waiting for 15 hours..... *that's* not "fair." 2 hours ago, Spyder1984 said: I see, thank you very much for the reply... Still contemplating going in full beach bob, though... haha The settings you're looking for would be found here. The server(s) y
  12. Raise your hand if it's still the 2nd where you live....
  13. "Estimated" release timer, meaning, "we'll pick some random-ass time and post a countdown clock to drum up viewers." Nothing but clickbait. And speaking of clickbait, i think i'll be taking a pass on ARK 2 until it's out for like a year or two and on sale. They got me with the season pass this time around, but I'm supposed to be excited about a sequel when the first game still has a billion bugs, glitches, and functions that *never worked right from the day they were introduced* and *still don't work right three years later*, and have any confidence that ARK 2 won't just be more of the sa
  14. I've asked for this on Twitter and every other damn place I can think of. Utter silence. Every new release why's the name of the damn map treated like a state secret??? It's 1 PM Eastern and still no hint on when - or if - the launch is happening today, can we at least get this basic info to get our servers set up? Or are you telling me the map name isn't finalized yet
  15. Heyas, looking forward to GenII (less than a week now!). I've been busy with other stuff, so I stood up a server with TheIsland and started a new toon to knock the rust off before it hits - both as a player, and a server admin, heh. Thank you for continuously adding more config options for servers, giving the server admins and their player groups more control over their game experience. The return of flier speed training was a welcome and unexpected surprise! There's nothing in the game that indicates the Argent saddle has crippled functionality - it simply calls it "a smithy," so I'
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