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  1. I think it would be nice to add those bosses to your implant after you defeat them, I know it makes no difference gameplay wise, but I think it would be nice to see them on there. I also get that Dinopithecus King and Wyvern Queen are technically Non-canon, but I still think it would be nice to see them as well on your implant.
  2. No classic servers do not allow genesis content, I believe as well they do not allow Extinction content but not sure on that one
  3. Alpha, yes, is impossible. While I haven't done it solo myself, you could most likely get gamma done with just capped flak as well as a shotgun. Rexes with capped saddles could do, or therizinos, you should also use some kind of crowd control such as a reaper. Of course use all your broths and soups, but stay on rexes until there are definitely more than the keys needed laying on the ground, then run. It'll be much easier than doing literally everything on foot.
  4. Agreed brother. I also think that element should be transferrable on PvE, it makes sense for a PvP standpoint, but not quite for PvE.
  5. doggolover98

    Alpha Dodo.

    I agree, we need this in the game.
  6. Imagine using linux... I'm just playing, you know I love the little kairuku
  7. Nope, still can't join any. Tried redoing my ports and everything. Even installed a new connecter in my pc and still doesn't work.
  8. Same Tylernater, my ticket was automatically closed, not even an automated response. This is some god tier customer service.
  9. Same, I've done the smae thing recently. It seems that ark has an update that just dropped, so I'll elt you all know if it fixes it for me
  10. recently about two or three days ago my game crashed while I was logging off, which is no big deal since I was getting off. However, the next day I was unable to join ANY servers and they also showed a negative player count. So I just didn't play that day. However, the same thing happened the next day. So i uninstalled and re-installed the game. It still didn't work. And up until right now, it still shows negative player counts and I cant join any servers at all.
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