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      PlayStation Connection Issues   01/23/18

      We're aware of a connection issue with some of our servers at the moment. It doesn't look like it's on our end (but we are investigating). It seems related to a PSN outage: https://status.playstation.com/en-gb/ https://status.playstation.com/en-us


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  1. Server Password Protected

    OK a friend just checked its not been uploaded from a save as they are dated 17 Nov but the game is actually up to date from when we last went on and he also just gets kicked with a 'you have been kicked battleye client not responding' msg. I don't know about the original poster but me and my friends would like some info from a mod etc as to whats happeneing.
  2. Server Password Protected

    Just tried to get in myself and cant so does this mean that the server has basically gone, after a silly amount of playtime put into it? Also if it's as simple as hosting a legacy save = overrides official server then that's just stupid. Because whats to stop anyone from say getting all the saves randomly hosting them and deleting/blocking the players from there own servers!