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  1. originalj4y

    thanks wildcard, im off

    Why is that exactly? To cater to the new guys and to hell with those that got them where they are now!? Because i can tell you this for nothing had none of us existing legacy tribes been there since the beginning are would probably not be where it is and would have disappeared like most EA games
  2. originalj4y

    thanks wildcard, im off

    It happened once before went down for no reason for about 4days came back half the tribes had lost stuff most reported and it took weeks to get a reply and i mean weeks by then it had come back and the damage was already done.
  3. originalj4y

    thanks wildcard, im off

    Well given that our server 124 wasn't on said deletion list and has disappeared over the last day or 2 posting a list seems pointless if they just remove whatever they see fit! Secondly someone posted asking why anyone would still be playing on legacy servers? That's probably because all 'new' servers have reached the tame cap! So for a game that mostly revolves around taming some one explain the point of joining those servers where you can't do that very thing?
  4. originalj4y

    Server Password Protected

    OK a friend just checked its not been uploaded from a save as they are dated 17 Nov but the game is actually up to date from when we last went on and he also just gets kicked with a 'you have been kicked battleye client not responding' msg. I don't know about the original poster but me and my friends would like some info from a mod etc as to whats happeneing.
  5. originalj4y

    Server Password Protected

    Just tried to get in myself and cant so does this mean that the server has basically gone, after a silly amount of playtime put into it? Also if it's as simple as hosting a legacy save = overrides official server then that's just stupid. Because whats to stop anyone from say getting all the saves randomly hosting them and deleting/blocking the players from there own servers!