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  1. This is it. I came to the server when there was 5 people there, they let in 140 now its full 24 hours a day. I'll connect when its not full. If my buildings decay, I'm done with this game. Its as simple as that. This is something that is unreasonable to expect people to deal with, I don't even care how good the game is anymore.
  2. Why would you allow 140 people on the server if you're just going to cap it at 70? what are the 70 other people supposed to do? We need less people. Not an EVO event. I joined when there were 5 people, how was I supposed to know I would be trying for hours just to try to get on, and everything is now at risk of decaying. I worked to make this character just to play this expansion, how is this fair? This is a situation that has no reason to happen.
  3. I took planned days off of work to build an alpha base when you said it would be released on May 26th. I have to do what I say I'll do. And I told people I would be there to do it. Now I got all this time to think about how other people don't do what they say they'll do.
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