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  1. Glitch what glitch, There is no glitch that is big enough in genesis part 2 to even delay it. If there was they would need at least a month to fix it, they would of known for awhile and they would told us of it, they could just release the game and just do patches that would better then delaying. its likely that there trying to release the game on pc and console at the same time, that is just a bad idea over all. Screw console for there scams and badly designed system, if this is the case just release part 2 for pc on May 26 and for console release it on June 2. But the most likely is there
  2. I never complained about anything about ark before. I was really excited for this release but now im just thinking of deleting ark off my steam library with no refund. I have may 28,29,30,31 off, I added vacation to may 27 to make it 5 days off i cant take off closer then 1 week and on top of that once you put vacation in I cant undo it i only get 4 vacation days a year, congratulations you made me waste 1 day off and definitely not taking off for june 2 just to have you waste half of my vacation time. Iv lost my urge to even play anymore.
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