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  1. nope the game is dying my guy and i made this ticket a while ago and look at shockist he just made a video that the game is dying , you just don't understand anything in pvp cluster .
  2. whats going on in the pvp servers is really not ok man lightining wyverns with tons of melee in it and 40k hp that would 1 shot you and you wont even react and you cant do something to it wyverns they dont get z'd or netted like bro? what is this , and why manas get netted when they r the only counter to wyverns , shadow manes so broken bro like u need to add more time for the right click or anything you need to nerf this dino so much its breaking the game , rhinos are now useless why do they get netted like this dino is such fun and counterable so why this much hate to the wooly? astro dolphi
  3. Hey pls nerf the lightining wyverns make them respect armor just like what you guys did with the dolphins pls this is so over powered second if you guys think about whats happening in small tribes right now is caging thats it could you add /kill so the game gets back to normal?
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