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  1. Hello i wonder if this performance is normal for homing missiles as you can see below it's not possible to lock on to targets. It does lock on to target only at a close distance which is not useful for pvp scenarios and when the target is far it doesn't lock on. Any ideas? Or what am i missing when aiming?
  2. Hello folks i want to build a triple layer metal foundation base on scorched earth crossark1 EU pvp server but first i wanted to practice it before with thatch foundations but couldn't do so as it seems on the screenshot below. I posted it as a bug report and hope it gets looked into soon. Are you having the same issue on other servers? Personally if it's not a multiple layered base on a pvp server then there's no need to build a base at all. I've seen lots of videos about this and please don't tell me that it's not possible on official servers. Please make it possible Wild Card and have a n
  3. And thank you further i'll be more specific when choosing which ones to have mated not based on their levels this time.
  4. Vultures were that level when mating but argies were 15/25 at base and i leveled them so that explains why thanks anyway well i'll try taming a high level argy then bye
  5. Hello folks first of all i know this topic kind of belongs to Cross-ARK Item Trading & Dino Breeding thread but i'm getting 1f176/3 error and cannot post there so don't storm me for it and if you move the topic there i won't be able to reach the answers anyway i try my luck. So when i hatch a vulture egg from a level 243 and 190 couple i get a level 200 baby and from level 245/217 couple i get a level 208 baby and that's fine but when hatching argentavis egg from level 60/59 couple i get a level 16 baby. I would appreciate if someone could clear that. Thank you and have a wonderful day.
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