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  1. All the time. Guaranteed to occur if you leave/minimize Ark or use another screen while playing. if you say, use Discord, on another screen and then go back to Ark, it’s almost guaranteed to happen when you enter a different zone in the map. It will also often cause you to load into boss fights without a floor/no ground, in which you float on your Dino in the boss fight for the duration of it. the only fix is recognizing that you used something other than ark and then logging out and back in to start rendering again, especially before doing boss fights.
  2. Absolutely you can. Keep doing what you’re doing man. There’s lots of people who will complain, but the real Ark community sees you.
  3. Can’t load in to any map, game loads and as it’s about to be playable I get a freeze, loading mouse wheel, and then blue screen/game crash. On Win10/Windows Store version, everything is up to date, hardware tested, no other games or programs have any issues. Can’t upload the video, file size too big for 7 second video.
  4. Is the Gen2 download on Windows store a legit preload? I was able to download it, just under 20gb. Would be great to know if this download will be activated by an update at 8am or if I’ll have to re-download.
  5. Cedric has been at the back end of a LOT of hate due to the delays he had nothing to do with and has diplomatically handled it all. Dude deserves more than whatever they are paying him for shouldering all of that burden.
  6. Some people get their time off paid...so they can do things they want to do, and still get paid for it...lots of keyboard warriors thinking people are choosing video games over work that don’t know what they’re talking about.
  7. So, from all of that, the only take away is: to all those who requested time off of work to enjoy this, go f*** yourself. Not only did you waste your time, but it’s likely too little notice to cancel and re-request it off. and no, Wildcard, this does not mean the community wants it delayed further. It probably will be though.
  8. I would at least like to see optimization for modern hardware. The game doesn’t utilize modern hardware to it’s fullest and some optimization would be beneficial for frame rates and rendering speed (not seeing chunks of map load in after entering them). Using 5600x and 3070, my cpu util is only like 20% of one or 2 cores and gpu never exceeds 60-65%, making me feel like there’s a lot left on the table. Possibly bringing the Xbox series X updates to Win10 would be beneficial.
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