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  1. the rates look good to me. the only thing i was looking for was event colors. and happy anniversary. ive been with since alpha really enjoy this game.
  2. maybe with the delay CI will hit console the same time.?
  3. I play video games to get away from the politics and out side world problems.
  4. i love how excited everyone is for this to drop on the 5th. but deep down we all now it will be delayed and i think we need to prepare for all of the upset people. aka all the i want my money back people lol
  5. at this point ark should be free on the switch with all the little to no updates and content. in my opinion
  6. really excited to tame these guys. ready to see what i can do with them like faster metal and stone runs from my island base.
  7. anyone know if this will be a big update or will it just be a sever up for tomorrow
  8. i think there will be something like that so you will need to unlock the TEK saddle to ride the new flyer
  9. im just wondering if this mod is already on PC. then it shouldn't take long for console. maybe just getting all the security approval from Xbox and sony
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